Dear Sophomores,

Your sophomore year sets the tone for the rest of your time at Lang and you will make some important and exciting decisions. Perhaps the most significant decision you will make is declaring your academic area of study at Lang. In addition to exploring prospective programs of study, you may look into a study abroad program, an internship, or a community activism project.

As the sophomore class advisor, I work exclusively with your class. I also coordinate all study abroad and exchange programs for Lang, and work closely with the internship and service programs. I am prepared to help you explore all these opportunities, as well as any other matters (academic or personal) you might wish to discuss. We should meet early in the academic year to discuss plans for your sophomore experience, so please contact me for an appointment. I am confident that by working together, we can ensure your sophomore year will be a success.

Leah R. Weich
Associate Director/First-year and Sophomore Advisor
64 West 11th Street, Room 118
212.229.5100 x2279