Gender Studies

Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary area of study that draws its courses from across the university. All Lang students can take designated courses in Gender Studies to supplement their major course of study. Students can pursue Gender Studies as a minor or a guided area of study (Liberal Arts majors).

The meaning of gender is changeable; the culturally constructed idea of what sex difference means may differ from place to place and is renegotiated over time. To study gender is to study a central category of identity that shapes basic social structures such as

  • Distinctions between public and private
  • Distribution of wealth and patterns of labor
  • Representations of gender in art, literature, and popular culture
  • Understanding of sexuality and the body
  • Definitions of sickness and health
  • Norms for public life and the state
  • The production of knowledge itself

Courses in Gender Studies offer a way to understand the ideologies, social patterns, and images that shape our world. Gender Studies raises questions about how the gender divide is formed and maintained and, often, resisted or undermined. Students explore international gender scholarship from the last four decades. Courses cover the history of feminist thought and action; men's studies; gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender studies; and queer theory. Working in conjunction with Lang's Race and Ethnicity program, Gender Studies explores the multiple intersections of race, class, and gender.

Self-Designed Major (BA or BS, Liberal Arts)

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts cannot elect Gender Studies as an academic minor; however, they can pursue deeper study in this subject area through the self-designed major. To explore this option, consult the Gender Studies program director and read more about the self-designed option at Lang.

Minor in Gender Studies

Undergraduate students from any college in the university can select a minor from Lang’s offerings. Similarly, Lang students who are not majoring in Liberal Arts can select a minor from those offered in other schools, provided they meet the prerequisites and related requirements. Students minor in Gender Studies by completing six courses (two foundational, three intermediate to advanced, and one senior capstone course). Students interested in this option should consult with the program director. Download the Gender Studies Program Requirements Worksheet at the Forms and Requirements page.

To meet with a Gender Studies advisor, email with your student information and program of study. You will be matched with an advisor who specializes in your major area of study.

Watch footage from the spring 2010 Gender Studies conference, "No Longer in Exile: The Legacy and Future of Gender Studies at The New School."