Local Guide

At Lang, you begin and end each day on the streets of New York City. As all New Yorkers know, walking around the block is always a learning experience in itself. But here curricula, internships, and special partnerships are designed so that you turn every corner. Day and night, you can hear scholars, artists, journalists, and politicians tackle the most urgent questions and problems of our time. You can also regularly attend art exhibitions, poetry readings, off-beat concerts, and avant-garde theater performances—with the guidance of a faculty member who is an expert in his or her artistic field.

Look back at the most electrifying moments of New York City’s history and you’ll find young activists, artists, intellectuals, provocateurs, and dissenters of all stripes questioning outmoded ideologies, supporting embattled art forms, establishing new social practices—all the while proving that unconventional dreams lead to the noblest deeds. Look now at the city and you’ll find Lang students continuing that tradition and making it their own. Follow the links below to find your Lang in the city.