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Study Abroad and Exchange

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    Expand your horizons and develop a global perspective.

    Lang Study Abroad

    Many Lang students spend a semester, academic year, or summer abroad taking courses, working at internships, or pursuing volunteer projects. With proper research and planning, you can study, work, or volunteer almost anywhere in the world. Lang offers foreign study options both through the school (in house) and through other institutions, including

    • First Year AbroadFirst Year Immersion. In this Lang-designed program, students spend their first year in experiential and project-based learning in a developing country. 
    • Lang-Sponsored Short-Term Programs. Several short-term, relatively inexpensive programs are led by Lang faculty during academic breaks—an excellent choice if you’re short on time or funds. Students may also opt to study for a semester or academic year through specific partner schools, paying Lang tuition as usual and keeping institutional financial aid from The New School. Past programs have examined avant-garde theater at an international fringe festival; contemporary music history, with an excursion to a techno music parade; democracy and diversity; educational and therapeutic use of visual arts; and classical European literature and music.
    • Lang-Sponsored International Exchange Programs. Because of special exchange agreements with certain institutions, Lang students can study abroad for a semester or year. They do not pay the institutions’ tuition; instead, they pay tuition to Lang and keep their institutional financial aid from The New School. Students can use earned credits toward their Lang degree.
    • Outside Programs (permission required from study abroad advisor). Students who have not exhausted the maximum number of transfer credits permitted for their degree may choose to study abroad at a university with which Lang does not have an exchange agreement either by direct application to that university or through a third-party provider. These are external opportunities, and students are responsible for researching, applying, and coordinating logistics independently, in conjunction with the third-party study abroad provider or direct application institution.

      Students interested in these opportunities must meet with the Study Abroad Advisor to discuss their plans and obtain approval for their program prior to initiating an application.
      A list of third-party providers pre-approved for transfer credit can be found here; however, students are not limited to this list and are encouraged to research other opportunities via IIE, or Study Each outside program differs in cost, educational mission, and acceptance criteria, and students should investigate all relevant information before applying.   

    Read about Study Abroad Procedures and visit our new website, where you will find

    • An interactive program search
    • Tips for choosing a program
    • Resources for financing your international education
    • Information on all kinds of international study experiences

    Lang Domestic Exchange

    Domestic exchange programs allow Lang students to study at designated partner schools in the United States for a semester or an academic year, paying Lang tuition as usual and keeping institutional financial aid from The New School.

    Visiting Students: Study at Lang

    New York has a long history of intellectual and cultural exchange of artists and ideas. Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts invites you to continue this dynamic tradition as part of our exchange program. Spend a semester or a year at Lang, and immerse yourself in the energy and excitement of New York City. Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, Lang is a small liberal arts college that’s part of The New School, a progressive urban university. Lang offers an innovative curriculum, the intimacy of a small college, the resources of a large university, and access to opportunities found only in New York.

    Students interested in an international exchange are the kind of adventurous, multicultural, and frequently multilingual students who would thrive in the energetic and creative atmosphere of New York City. The increasingly global context in which we operate rewards those with broad cultural experiences, able to transition between cultures with ease and adapt to new perspectives on the world. 

    Immersion in New York City
    Lang’s curriculum enables you to interact with the city in exciting ways. You might come to understand the immigrant experience through performance or service courses; learn how to view the art of the subway; or look at Greenwich Village from the perspective of the Beat poets. While here, you might also check out the contemporary art scene in Chelsea and Williamsburg; the poetry clubs and consignment shops in the East Village; or the hipster haunts in the Lower East Side.

    A Unique Academic Experience
    Lang’s small seminar-style classes are at once intimate and challenging. The seminar format encourages close collaboration and interaction with a stellar faculty of scholars and artist-practitioners. The intimacy and attention of seminars, the curriculum’s rigorous and interdisciplinary themes, and the options for practice-based learning, all contribute to a special confluence of activist-minded peers that make Lang special.

    Administrative Ease
    More than a study abroad program, the exchange program allows students to pursue their studies in New York on joint academic tracks with ease, fulfilling degree requirements without lengthening their time to graduation. All courses are approved and accepted by your home institution. And most importantly, your regular tuition is charged and paid directly to your home school, allowing you to retain regular funding. The program is designed to minimize the financial barriers otherwise associated with studying abroad.

    Learn about specific exchange programs
    Exchange students already admitted by their home institution to attend Lang College should download the  Lang College Info Sheet (PDF) for important information about registration, orientation, housing options, visa procedures, and other details to help you prepare for your semester.