Deseriis, Marco

Deseriis, Marco

Marco Deseriis
BA (honors), Department of Literature and Philosophy, University “La Sapienza” of Rome
PhD, Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, New York University
Postdoctoral Fellow

My teaching and research focus on the social, aesthetic, and political uses of new media. More specifically, I am interested in the production of subjectivity in the information society, the non-representative politics of the multitude, the relationship between participatory cultures and the public sphere, and the digital legacies of twentieth-century avant-gardes. My doctoral dissertation brings together some of these threads by developing a genealogy of the improper name, which I define as the adoption of the same pseudonym by organized collectives, affinity groups, and individual authors.
Courses Taught:
• Mediated Subjectivity
• New Media Research Studio
• Culture Jamming
• Introduction to Digital Media
• Introduction to Human Communication and Culture
• History of Communication
Recent Publications:
• (2011) “Italienischer Cyberpunk: Die Entstehung einer Radikalen Subkultur” (Italian Cyberpunk: The Making of a Radical Subculture). In Vergessene Zukunft: Radikale Netzkulturen in Europa. Ed. Clemens Apprich and Felix Stalder. Bielefeld: Transcript.
• (2011) “The General, the Watchman and the Engineer of Control: The Relationship between Cooperation, Communication, and Command in the Society of Control.” Journal of Communication Inquiry Special Issue on Communication and Autonomism. Ed. Jack Bratich. Forthcoming, October 2011.
• (2011) “’Lots of Money Because I am Many:’ The Luther Blissett Project and the Multiple-Use Name Strategy.” In Cultural Activism: Practices, Dilemmas and Possibilities (Thamyris/Intersecting: Place Sex and Race, Vol. 21). Ed. B. O. Firat and A. Kuryel. Amsterdam: Rodopi. 65-93.
• (2010) “Global Networked Hacktivism.” In Art and Activism in the Age of Globalization. Ed. K. Vanhaesebrouck, L. De Cauter, and R. De Roo. Amsterdam: NAi Publishers. 250-263.
• (2010) “Improper Names, Hauntings of the Unnamed: A 20-moves Minifesto in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus.” In Critical Strategies in Art and Media. Ed. Konrad Becker and Jim Fleming. New York: Autonomedia.
• (2009) “No End In Sight: Networked Art as a Participatory form of Storytelling.” In Networked: A (networked_book) about (networked_art). Ed. E. Navas, J. Greene, H. Thorington. Web.
• With Brian Holmes. (2009) “Concerning Art and Social Change.” Mute. Culture and Politics after the Net. Vol. 2 No. 12 (June 2009): 44-57.
• With Giuseppe Marano (2008) Net.Art: L’arte della Connessione. Milano: Shake. (First edition 2003).
• Deseriis, M. (2008) “Art and/or Revolution.” Mute. Culture and Politics after the Net.
• (2008) “Text Virus.” In Software Studies: A Lexicon. Ed. Matthew Fuller. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press. 250-255.
Office Location:
65 West 11th Street, Room 068

Research Interests:

My research interests span a wide range of topics, including subjectivity in the network society, theories of immaterial labor and the common, social movements media, history of new media, (online) subcultures and the public sphere.

Italian Professional Order of Journalists

Professional Affiliations:
Italian Professional Order of Journalists
Recent Presentations/Exhibits:
• VIII Annual Social Theory Forum: Italian Social Theory from Antonio Gramsci to Giorgio Agamben, University of Massachusetts, Boston, 2011.
• Tactics & Practice: New Media Drivers, Seminar in New Media Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2010
• (Re)making (Re)presentations, CUNY Graduate Student Conference, 2010
• Improperly Named, Upgrade New York, Eyebeam, NY, 2010
• Cultural Studies Association, Berkeley, CA, March 2010
• Neil Postman Graduate Conference, New York University, NY, 2009
• Cultural Studies Association, Kansas City, MO, 2009
• Tomorrow Now, New Media Art Conference, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venezia, Italy, 2007.
• Human Rights and Media Conference II, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., 2007
• Human Rights and Media Conference, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., 2006

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