Jaeckel, Johann

Johann Jaeckel
Magister Artium in Political Science, WWU Muenster, Germany
Master of Arts in Economics, New School for Social Research, NY
Teaching Fellow


Research Interests:
Technical change and income distribution, labor discipline models, principle-agent problems, socially responsible investment, Marxian economic theory
Professional Affiliations:
Union for Radical Political Economics
Recent Presentations/Exhibits:
 “Fetish and Power in Heterodox Economic Thought: A Critique of Bowles & Gintis", presented
at the Eastern Economic Association’s Annual Conference 2010, Philadelphia.

“Tracing Back the Methodological Orgins of Amartya Sen: A Case of Methodological Schizophrenia",
presented at the Candian Economic Association’s Annual Conference 2009, Toronto.
Awards and Honors:

University Fellowship, The New School for Social Research, New York (2009-2011)
ERASMUS Exchange Student, University of Exeter/UK (2003-2004)
Scholarship from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Berlin/Germany (2002-2006)

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