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Iddo Tavory
PhD, 2010, University of California, Los Angeles
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Director of Graduate Studies

Iddo is interested in the ways in which interactions are patterned and how such patterns shape the way people experience themselves and the world around them. He is currently transforming an ethnography of an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Los Angeles into a book. He is also conducting research in Malawi, working on AIDS humor in everyday life, as well as the careers of NGO volunteers in comparative perspective. Drawing on observations in these fieldsites, he has also written about the logic of qualitative methods and more theoretical accounts of morality, flirtation, and temporality in interaction.
Recent Publications:
• Forthcoming book: “Abductive Analysis: Theorizing Qualitative Research.” Chicago: University of Chicago Press [co-authored with Stefan Timmermans].

• Forthcoming - “A Pragmatist Approach to Causality in Ethnography.” American Journal of Sociology, 119(3): xxx-xxx [with Stefan Timmermans].

• 2013 - "The Private Life of Public Ritual: Interaction, Sociality and Codification in a Jewish Orthodox Congregation.” Qualitative Sociology, 36(2): 125-139.

• 2013 - "Coordinating Futures: Towards a Theory of Anticipation,” American Journal of Sociology, 118(4): 908-942 [with Nina Eliasoph].

• 2012 - "Theory Construction in Qualitative Research: From Grounded Theory to Abductive Analysis,” Sociological Theory, 30(3): 167-186 [with Stefan Timmermans].

• 2012 - "Experiential Careers: The Routinization and De-Routinization of Religious Life." Theory and Society, 41(4): 351-373 [with Daniel Winchester].

• 2012 - "Sex Work and the Construction of Intimacies: Meanings and Work Pragmatics in Rural Malawi." Theory and Society, 41(3): 211-231 [with Michelle Poulin].

• 2011 - "The Question of Moral Action: A Formalist Position." Sociological Theory, 29(4): 272-293.

• 2010 - "Of Yarmulkes and Categories: Delegating Boundaries and the Phenomenology of Interactional Expectation." Theory and Society, 39(1): 49-68.

• 2009 - "Condom Semiotics: Meaning and Condom Use in Rural Malawi." American Sociological Review, 74(2): 171-189 [with Ann Swidler].
Office Location:
6 East 16th Street, Room 1013
Office Hours:
Academic OH: Tuesday 12-4pm
Director of Graduate Studies OH: Tuesday 12-4pm
Phone Number/Extension:
212-229-5737 x3034


Research Interests:
Sociology of Religion, Theory of Method in Ethnography, Temporality, Phenomenology and Interaction
CV (pdf):
Iddo Tavory CV

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