Boehm Omri


Omri  Boehm
Assistant Professor. PhD 2009, Yale University.2010-11 Excellence Initiative, Centre for Advanced Studies, LMU-München

Recent Publications:

 Writing in Progress:

The Cogito and the Sublime: A Kantian re-reading in Descartes (Working title. Book currently in the writing).

Kant’s Critique of Judgment as a Tractatus Theologico-Politicus (book project, currently conceptualized. See e.g. my “Enlightenment, Prophecy, and Genius,” in Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 34:1 2013)

Selected Publications:  

Kant’s Critique of Spinoza (Oxford University Press, forthcoming)

The Binding of Isaac: a Religious Model of Disobedience (Continuum, 2007)

“The Principle of Sufficient Reason, the Ontological Argument and the Is-Ought Distinction,” The European Journal of Philosophy (forthcoming)  

“Kant’s Regulative Spinozism” Kant-Studien 2012 103:3

"The First Antinomy and Spinoza," The British Journal for the History of Philosophy 2011, 19:4 

"Kant and Spinoza Debating the Third Antinomy," The Oxford Handbook for Spinoza (Oxford University Press, forthcoming)   

"Kant's Idea of the Unconditioned and Spinoza's," Spinoza and German Idealism (Cambridge University Press, 2012) 

Office Location:

6 E 16 St Room 1115B

Office Hours:
Email for appointment or check updated list at Student Advisor's Office
Phone Number/Extension:
(212) 229-5707, ext. 3217


Research Interests:
Kant, Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion

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