Parikka, Tuija


Tuija Parikka
PhD, Communications, University of Helsinki;
Licentiate in communication, University of Helsinki;
MA, Communication, University of Helsinki
Assistant Professor, Culture and Media


I teach in the area of women's studies and media studies. I am, in particular, interested in how women can voice their aims, desires, and concerns within discourses that render women invisible particularly at the time of crisis. This research interest stems from a dilemma I experienced in my youth: I, like most Finns, was brought up to believe in gender equality as a universal value, only to see it frequently compromised in what seemed like the most insignificant instances, or fleeting moments, of everyday life. I found women's studies, fell in love with the writings of S. de Beauvoir and later L. Irigaray, and was thrilled about the possibilities they offered to name “things,” or to wonder about troubling issues. I feel fortunate to have been able to pursue my research interests since the early years of student life. Later, as a research assistant and then as a researcher, I participated in two big research projects, funded by the Academy of Finland, that focused on the mediascape around European Union membership campaign and the deep economic crisis of the 1990s in Finland. Especially the latter project gave me the opportunity to start experimenting with Irigaray's writings, and to see if they could be applied to journalistic texts. For several years at the time, I worked as a visiting scholar at NYU.

While moving from one country to another several times, I have become even more  sensitive to the myriad ways gender intersects with race, ethnicity, economics, and media discourses in the socio-political and cultural context of a particular kind of welfare state regime. Other themes of special interest include journalism research, collective memory work, and ethnography.     

During my career as a researcher and an instructor, I have also worked as a volunteer gender researcher (UN), and as a volunteer consultant around studying the impact of AIDS awareness films in South Africa (Steps for the Future), and taught at University of Helsinki, Open University in Helsinki, CUNY, and now at New School University.  

Courses Taught:
  • Gender and Economics; Media Organizations and Practices
  • Diversity in the News
  • Media Ethnography
  • Research Methods and Practices in Social Research
  • Media Criticism
  • Gender and Media
  • Introduction to Communication Research
  • Scientific Writing and Argumentation
Recent Publications:
  • Sexualizing of Economic Discourse in a Finnish Daily Newspaper of the 1990s. Commentationes Scientiarum Socialicum 63. Helsinki: Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters. (2004)
  • Women, The Economy and Subjectivity. Sexualizing of Economic Discourse in a Finnish Daily Newspaper of Helsingin Sanomat of the 1990s. (Published in Finnish.) Naistutkimus 4/2004.
  • 'Communality is not enough' in Malmelin, Nando (ed.) The Science of Caring. Perspectives on Society, Culture and Citizenship. (Published in Finnish.) Helsinki: University of Helsinki, Department of Communication, Publications: 8. (2003)  
  • Aslama, M. – Kantola, A. – Kivikuru, U. – Parikka, T. – Salovaara-Moring, I. – Valtonen, S.  'The Economic Crisis of the 1990s in Finland: Testing Democracy and Public Discussion' in Kivikuru, Ullamaija et al. Facades of Recession. (Published in Finnish.) Helsinki: Palmenia. (2002)
  • 'Women's Decade. The Economic Crisis and Gender in the Equality and Social Political Discussions of the 1990s' Helsingin Sanomat' in Aslama et al. Facades of Recession. (Published in Finnish.) Helsinki: Palmenia. (2002)
  • 'Memories from the Crisis Publicity – The Unemployed Citizen's Talk on Recession and Media' in Aslama et al. Facades of Recession. (Published in Finnish.) Helsinki: Palmenia. (2002)
  • Aslama, M. – Kivikuru, U. – Moring, I. – Parikka, T. – Valtonen, S. ‘Mediated economic reality or aching spots of civil society?: Finnish mainstream media publicity of welfare disparities 1988-1998’  in Kalela, Jorma et al. (eds.) Down from the Heavens, Up from the Ashes. The Finnish Economic Crisis of the 1990s in the Light of Economic and Social Research. Helsinki: Government Institute for Economic Research. (2001)
  • ‘Media, Memories and the Economic Crisis. Subjectification of the Unemployed in the 90s’ Finland’ in Kivikuru, Ullamaija and Savolainen, Tarja (eds.) The Politics of Public Issues. Helsinki: University of Helsinki, Department of Communication.  (2001)
  • Partnership and Trading. Gendering Welfare in Helsingin Sanomat. Licentiate Thesis (Unpublished). University of Helsinki, Department of Communication. (2000)
  • 'Women's Economic Crisis – Gendering Welfare and Citizenship in the 1990s’ in Moring – Parikka – Valtonen – Aslama – Kantola – Kivikuru Media Crisis. The Print Media, Recession and Economic Talk. (Published in Finnish.) University of Helsinki, Department of Communication: series: 2A/1/1999.  (1999)
Office Location:
Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts
65 West 11th Street, Room 060
New York, NY  10011
Office Hours:
Mon. 12-2p or by appointment

Research Interests:
Gender, global catastrophes, and the media; journalism; feminist media studies; empirical research; qualitative research methods
Awards and Honors:
  • Visiting Scholar, New York University
  • Emil Aaltonen Foundation Grant
  • Finnish Cultural Foundation Grant for three years
  • University of Helsinki, Young Researcher's Grant
  • Academy of Finland, Research Group Grant
  • University of Helsinki Research Foundation, Grant

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