Kinsbourne, Marcel

Marcel Kinsbourne Pic

Marcel Kinsbourne
MD, State of North Carolina, 1967;
DM, Oxford University (England), 1963;
MA, Oxford University (England), 1956;
BM, BCh, Oxford University Medical School (England), 1955;
BA, Christ Church, Oxford University (England), 1952
Professor of Psychology

Courses Taught:
  • Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Clinical Neuropsychology I
  • Biological Aspects of Childhood Psychopathology
Recent Publications:
  • Imitation and Entrainment: Brain Mechanisms and Social Consequences (2004)
  • The Corpus Callosum as a Component of a Circuit for Selection (2003)
  • How the Senses Combine in the Brain (2003)
  • The Brain and Body Awareness (2002)
  • Adult ADHD: Controlled Medical Assessment (2001)
  • Dynamic Self-Organization of the Cerebral Network (2001)
  • Disorders of Mental Development (2000)
  • Unity and Diversity in the Human Brain: Evidence from Injury (1998)
  • Time and the Observer: The Where and When of Consciousness in the Brain (1992)
Office Location:
The New School for Social Research
Psychology Department
65 5th Ave, Room 330
New York, NY  10011
Phone Number/Extension:
212-229-5727 x3103


Research Interests:
Brain-behavior relations, consciousness, imitation, psychology of attention, attention deficit disorder, autism

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