McCarthy, Anne

Anne McCarthy
MPhil, English Literature, City University of New York
BA, History, New York University
Part Time Lecturer, First Year Writing

Some of my favorite Peanuts cartoons are the ones where Snoopy sits in front of his typewriter, balancing precariously on the roof of his doghouse as he composes his version of the Great American Novel. “Good writing is hard work,” he reminds us in one of these strips. True words indeed. Yet, in addition to all this hard work, writing—and specifically academic writing—can also be rewarding. All of this informs my work in the classroom, where we work through challenging (and sometimes unusual) texts, develop ideas and questions, and engage in the practical work of essay writing. 
Courses Taught:
Writing the Essay 1: Forgiveness as Power and Paradox
Writing the Essay 2: Writing Under the Radar
Recent Publications:

“Dumbstruck: Christabel, the Sublime, and the Willing Suspension of Disbelief.”Romantic Circles (Praxis Series). Special issue on the sublime and education, guest editor J. Jennifer Jones.Forthcoming 2009;

“ ‘Who knows if he be dead?’: Maud, Signification, and the Madhouse Canto.”
Victorian Poetry. Tennyson bicentennial issue, guest editor Herbert F. Tucker. Forthcoming 2009;

“Writing the Machine.”American Book Review 29.1 (November/December 2007): 24. Review of The Iron Whim: A Fragmented History of Typewriting by Darren Werschler-Henry. Cornell UP: 2007

;“Neglected Classic.”Expositions1.2 (2007): 117-22. Review of Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin A. Abbott. Ed. Thomas Banchoff. Princeton UP: 2005. 



Research Interests:

I am currently writing a dissertation on nineteenth-century British poetry and philosophy at the City University of New York. Its focus is on suspension—suspension of disbelief, suspension of judgment, suspended animation, and so on—and on the role of the unexpected in shaping our experience of the world.


I also still enjoy keeping up on some of the projects I carried out as an undergraduate at NYU, especially the academic work I did on the comic strip Peanuts.

Professional Affiliations:
Northeast Victorian Studies Association
Modern Language Association
North American Society for the Study of Romanticism
Recent Presentations/Exhibits:

“ ‘That Willing Suspension’: Nineteenth-Century Poetics and Kant’s Sublime Projection”
Projections: Speculating on Presence, Absence, and Nonsense. CUNY Graduate Center English Student Association, March 2009;

“ ‘Ever so little deeper’: Maud’s Buried Lives”
Victorian Underworlds. Northeast Victorian Studies Association, April 2008;


De Profundis as Reading Practice: Beyond Hegelian Realization”
Invited guest lecture for an upper-division seminar in Literary Theory at Eugene Lang College, The New School, February 2008;

“Sublime Humiliations: Coleridge’s Christabel
Emancipation, Liberation, Freedom. North American Society for the Study of Romanticism / British Association for Romantic Studies, July 2007;


“Wilde’s De Profundis: Realization, Repentance, and the Object as in Itself It Really Is Not”
Dickens Project Spring Conference, April 2007;



“Narrative Unbound: Forgiveness and Recurrence in the Work of Charles M. Schulz”
Owning It: Theory, Anti-Theory, After Theory. CUNY Graduate Center English Student Association, March 2005.

Awards and Honors:
Robert E. Gilleece Fellow, CUNY Graduate Center

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