Réjouis, Rose Myriam


Rose Myriam Réjouis
Ph.D., Romance Languages and Literatures, Princeton University, 2002
Ecole Normale Supérieure (Research sabbatical as externe)
B.A., Amherst College, Magna cum laude, French and English
Course work at Université de Paris-Sorbonne and at the Institut d’Etudes de Sciences Politiques
Associate Professor of Literature

Good writers are good readers. This is why I believe literature must be read both closely (to notice form and technique) and broadly (to notice context and literary connections). The history of literature is also the history of rhetoric. I have written extensively on the literary use of spoken dialect, and my translations play with the fruitful tensions between the idiomatic and the idiosyncratic uses of language.
Courses Taught:
Found in Translation
Literary Investigations
Experimental Fiction
Childhood Narratives
Literary Ethnography
The French Novel
Madame Bovary
Recent Publications:
Work Online
• “Object Lessons:  Metaphors of Literary Agency in Walter Benjamin’s ‘The Task of the Translator’ and Patrick Chamoiseau’s Solibo Magnifique,”  French Literature Series, 2009 (peer-reviewed article).
•  Interview with Patrick Chamoiseau [in French]: « Une lectrice dans la salle; entretien avec Patrick Chamoiseau  »
•  “Celebrating Marie Vieux-Chauvet’s reading of her own work,” Invited Reading and Talk at the FAU conference, Haiti and the Americas, October 2010.

Recent Reviews Online
•  2009 New York Times review of “Négritude,” an experimental multi-disciplinary exhibition at Exit Art, for which I was a guest curator
• 2008 feature of my book,Veillées pour les mots [Wakes for Words]: Aimé Césaire, Patrick Chamoiseau et Maryse Condé  (Paris : Editions Karthala, Collection Lettres du Sud [series ed. Henry Tourneux, CNRS], 2005) in Radio-France/France Culture’s dossier, “Hommage à Aimé Césaire”

Recent Publications
•  “Sharp Minds, Raw Hearts,” preface to Love, Anger, Madness by Marie Vieux-Chauvet (New York:  Random House Modern Library, August 2009).  Quoted by Edwidge Danticat in her recent book, Create Dangerously (2011).
•  “Négritude as Dark Play,” catalogue essay for guest curated art exhibit, “Négritude,” Exit Art, New York, May 20-July 25, 2009.
•  Veillées pour les mots [Wakes for Words]: Aimé Césaire, Patrick Chamoiseau et Maryse Condé
(Paris : Editions Karthala, Collection Lettres du Sud [series ed. Henry Tourneux, CNRS], 2005).
A study of the motif of the funerary wake in the Caribbean novel, tracing an evolution from the figure of the martyr, in works written during the colonial period, to that of the storyteller-writer, who adopts the mode of mourning (for the passing of a traditional society) to point to forms of neo-colonialism.  Featured in Radio-France/France Culture’s dossier, “Hommage à Aimé Césaire,” June 2008.

•   Love, Anger, Madness, (with Val Vinokur) trilogy by Marie Vieux-Chauvet (New York:
Random House Modern Library, August 2009). Supported by a Simon Guggenheim Fellowship.
•  Texaco, (with Val Vinokur) novel by Patrick Chamoiseau (New York:  Pantheon Books, 1997), (London:  Granta Books, 1998), (New York:  Vintage Books, 1998).  Reviewed by John Updike (New Yorker), Leonard Michaels (cover of The New York Times Book Review), Derek Walcott (NYRB), Caryl Phillips (New Republic); reviews in NYT, LA Times, TLS, London Review, Chicago Tribune, etc.
•  Solibo Magnificent, (with Val Vinokur), novel by Patrick Chamoiseau (New York:  Pantheon Books, 1997), (New York:  Anchor Books, 1999), (London:  Granta Books, 2000).  Reviewed by Richard Bernstein (NYT), Caryl Phillips (NYTBR), Salon, African American Review, etc.
Office Location:
Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts
65 West 11th Street, Room 256
New York, NY  10011
Phone Number/Extension:
212-229-5100 x2246


Research Interests:
Jewish and African Diaspora, Literary Ethnography, the Novel, Literary History and Theory; Cultural Translation and Transmission.
Recent Presentations/Exhibits:

•  “Reading Marie Vieux-Chauvet,”  Invited Lecture at Yale University, 2010.
•  “The Translator on Trial,” Invited Lecture, Symposium on Marie Vieux-Chauvet at Cuny, 2009.
•  “Translation and Ethnography,”  Invited lecture, American University in Paris, 2009.
Awards and Honors:
American Translation Association Lewis Galantière Prize for Best Book.

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