Mookerjee, Robin


Robin Mookerjee
MA and PhD English, New York University;
BA, Bard College
Assistant Professor and Co-chair of Literary Studies



I teach a lot of unusual courses and never teach the same course twice. Even when the title is the same, the syllabus is new. It makes my classes a bit unpredictable, but each one has a sense of exploration.

I approach teaching as an intellectual historian and writer. That means I put the readings in context, so students can connect them to material from other courses. I unpack loaded words and jargon, so the class can decide whether or not to accept undelying assumptions. Education involves thinking through a range of perspectives, not just taking on someone else’s version of truth.

The focus and intelligence you need to read this way is hard to achieve. And it takes years for a writer to master his/her approach to a given form. But it’s worth it. No traditional authority wants young people to have these abilities.

They’ll do something unpredictable with them.


Courses Taught:
  • Fool’s Gold (about the theme of the fool or jester in world literature)
  • The Nineteenth Century Novel
  • Nodes & Networks: Leather: the Meaning of Style.  Spring, 2005.
  • Intermediate Poetry.  Fall, 2003.
  • Writing Fellows: a seminar in peer-to-peer teaching.
  • The Crack’d Looking Glass: Yeats, Joyce and Irish Identity.  Spring, 2002.
  • Action Writing. Spring-Fall 2001.
Recent Publications:
Office Location:
Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts
65 West 11th Street, Room 072
New York, NY  10011
Office Hours:
Mon. & Wed. 12-1:50pm and by appointment
Phone Number/Extension:
212-229-5100 x3155


Research Interests:


As a poet, I am interested in locating the points at which articulation breaks down and gives way to the inarticulable or uknowable. On a perhaps parallel line, my research centers on the reemergence of literary traditions (romanticism, satire) in disguised forms on the contemporary scene. I am writing on the Black Mountain poets, the American Jewish novel, and contemporary satiric fiction.

Professional Affiliations:
  • The Association of Writers and Writing Programs
Awards and Honors:
  • Award of Distinction for my dissertation

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