Castano, Emanuele

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Emanuele Castano
PhD, Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) 1999; Laurea (magna cum laude), University of Padova (Italy) 1995.
Associate Professor of Psychology

Courses Taught:
  • Social Psychology
  • Statistics III
Recent Publications:
  • “The Perception of The Other in International Relations: Evidence for the Polarizing Effect of Entitativity,” Political Psychology (with collaborators, 2003)
  • “I Belong, Therefore, I Exist: Ingroup Identification, Ingroup Entitativity, and Ingroup Bias,” Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (with collaborators, 2002)
  • “Who May Enter? The Impact of Ingroup Identification on Ingroup Outgroup Categorization,” Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (with collaborators, 2002)
  • “European Identity: A Social Psychological Perspective,” in R.H. Herrmann et al. (eds.), Identities in Europe and theInstitutions of the European Union.
Office Location:
The New School for Social Research
Psychology Department
65 5th Ave, Room 338
New York, NY  10011
Phone Number/Extension:
212-229-5727 x3098


Research Interests:
Motives and consequences of social identification; group agency, essentialism, and entativity; collective responsibility, guilt, and shame; dehumanization of the Other; terror management theory; European identity; self-objectification theory.

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