Semmler, Willi


Willi  Semmler
PhD 1976, Dr. rer. pol, Free University of Berlin, Habilitation. .
Henry Arnhold Professor of Economics


My research and teaching interests are:

  • Empirical Macroeconomics 
  • Macroeconomics of the US and EU 
  • Financial Markets 
  • Economics of Climate Change
  • Business Cycles
  • Macro Dynamics
Courses Taught:
  • Graduate Macroeconomics 
  • Advanced Macroeconomics 
  • Financial Economics 
  • International Finance
Recent Publications:

Articles published in Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Economic Theory, Oxford Economic Papers, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistic. Books published at Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Princeton University Press, Columbia University Press, and MIT Press., 

For downloadable publications by Willi Semmler, see the "Comparative Empirical Macroeconomics" website.

Office Location:
Room 1120, 6 East 16th Street
Office Hours:

SPRING 2015 Monday 4:00 - 6:00 pm

Phone Number/Extension:
212-229-5717, ext. 3050

Fax Number:


Research Interests:
  • Empirical Macroeconomics 
  • Macroeconomics of the US and EU 
  • Financial Market 
  • Economics of Climate Change 
  • Business Cycles 
  • Macro Dynamics 
  • Nonlinear Modeling
Competitions and Appearances:
Plenary speaker at Conferences in Italy, Iceland, China, Russia, Spain, and Germany
CV (pdf):

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