Mack, Arien


Arien Mack
Ph.D., Yeshiva University, 1966
Alfred J. and Monette C. Marrow Professor of Psychology

Concentrations: Visual perception; consciousness and cognition; meaning and attention; experimental psychology.
Recent Publications:
  • "Gist Perception Requires Attention (PDF)," Visual Cognition, (Mack, A. and Clarke, J. , 2012, in press)
  • "Inattentional Blindness: Looking Without Seeing," Current Directions in Psychological Science (2003)
  • "Meaning and Attention," Journal of Consciousness Studies (coauthor, 2002)
  • "What We See: Inattention and the Capture of Attention by Meaning," Consciousness and Cognition (coauthor, 2002)
  • Technology and the Rest of Culture (editor, 2001)
  • "Is the World a Grand Illusion?" Journal of Consciousness Studies (2001)
  • Inattentional Blindness (coauthor, 1998)
Office Location:
80 Fifth Avenue, Room 712
Phone Number/Extension:
212.229.5727 ext.3105

Fax Number:
212 989 0846


Research Interests:
Perception, cognition, and attention.

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