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Course Levels for Lang Courses
1000 level: Advising classes and other first-year seminars, first-year writing classes, and first-year Reading NYC classes. These courses develop the critical skills necessary for academic and future success.

2000 level: Introductory courses with no prerequisites or with a minimal stated prerequisite (e.g., completion of one first-year writing course). These courses can satisfy area of study requirements. They provide a broad introduction to disciplines.

3000 level: Intermediate-level courses. These courses build on prior knowledge and skills developed in 1000- and 2000-level courses. They usually take a more specialized approach to the subject and may be interdisciplinary. Completion of a course at the 2000 level in the same area of study is presumed.

4000 level: Advanced-level courses. These courses take a sophisticated approach to the subject matter, assuming a solid grasp of methods and approaches in the particular discipline. Students should have taken two courses in the discipline, including one at the 3000 level.

4500 level: Graduate courses cross-listed using Lang subject codes. These courses are open only to juniors and seniors with previous relevant coursework.

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