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Guidance. Support. Advocacy.

Advisement is a valued and integral part of the Eugene Lang College experience. Your advisors are here to provide academic guidance and administrative support throughout your studies. In addition to guiding you through course registration, we can advise about academic extracurricular resources and programs such as study abroadprofessional internships, and volunteer service. We also help students obtain access to university services, such as those offered by the Learning Center and Career Development. We advocate on your behalf to resolve administrative problems and ensure that you are able to participate in all opportunities and activities relevant to your educational goals.

A Developmental Approach: Other institutions have a prescriptive approach to advisement, focusing simply on fulfillment of general education requirements. At Lang, we take a more developmental approach to the relationship between students and advisors. For example, your advisors may recommend that you broaden your horizons by exploring newly introduced academic disciplines, previously unavailable at The New School. We encourage you to take seminars that you will challenge your intellectual abilities and your ideas about the world. We want you to encounter other perspectives and develop the analytical skills to formulate thoughtful responses. The seminar approach to learning encourages students to defend and refine their own beliefs in a sincere and thoughtful dialogue with others. Everyone's ideas matter, however dissident or controversial.

The Importance of Advisors: At Lang, students may have more freedom in their academic pursuits than at some institutions, but, for that reason, advisement is even more important. There is a designated academic advisor for each undergraduate class (first-year, second-year, etc., including transfer students). Each class has its own Advising page on the Lang website. Go to the Advising page for your class, where you'll find contact information for scheduling an appointment with your academic advisor.

In addition to the class academic advisor, you are assigned a personal faculty advisor to be your guide and mentor as you make important educational decisions. Your faculty advisor will help you choose courses that ensure breadth and balance in academic experience. We encourage you to reach out to your faculty advisor before you register to discuss your academic path as well as review specific prospective courses. The faculty advisor is also available to discuss your future, including possible careers directions and graduate school.

The Perspective of a Peer: If you are a freshman, Lang also provides a peer advisor, called a First Year Fellow. First Year Fellows are upper-level students with demonstrated leadership abilities who have been trained to teach our workshop for first-year students. All freshmen must register for this 2-credit workshop, which is designed to furnish new students with important resource information and teach certain college-level academic skills. Your First Year Fellow is available throughout your first semester at Lang to facilitate your successful entry into The New School community.

Contact Academic Advising: You will find that the professional staff of the Office of Academic Advising, located at 64 West 11th Street, eager to help you at every stage of your studies at Eugene Lang College. Advising appointments can be made for any weekday, Monday through Thursday, 9:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m., and Friday, 9:30 a.m.–12:00 noon. During office hours, you can also take advantage of our resource library to research study-abroad programs, graduate schools, and scholarships and grants.

Telephone, 212.229.5100 x2264; email,

Jonathon White
Associate Dean of Students               
BA/BFA Program Advisor
64 West 11th Street, room 120
212.229.5100 x2264

Molly Rottman
Academic Advisor
66 Fifth Avenue, room 819E

Leah Weich
Director of Advising
64 West 11th Street, room 118
212.229.5100 x2264

Angela Sanko
Associate Director of Advising and Student Retention
64 West 11th Street, room 119
212.229.5100 x2280

Dechen Albero
Academic Advisor
Study Abroad Coordinator
64 West 11th Street, room 116
212.229.8590 x3964

Candace Sumner-Robinson
Academic Advisor
Civic Engagement Advisor
64 West 11th Street, room 101 
212.229.5100 x2823