The Arts offers a serious creative experience in a liberal arts context. Students choose from five tracks: Dance, Theater, Music, Visual Arts, and Arts in Context. In every track, the curriculum combines historical and critical approaches to the arts with practice-based courses.

Dance at Lang
The dance track fuses contemporary dance study with innovative courses in dance history, movement theory, and the collaborative arts. This integrated approach enables students to develop artistically and academically.

A Faculty of Working Artists

The Lang dance faculty and guest artists are distinguished dance professionals. They bring their experience into the classroom and are invaluable resources for students who wish to work in the professional dance world as performers, choreographers, company directors, teachers, dance historians, and critics.

Emphasis on the Liberal Arts
The best undergraduate arts programs allow students to practice their craft and study the contexts in which the arts have flourished over the centuries. While Lang Arts students have ample opportunities to create art, they also receive a thorough education in the liberal arts (e.g., psychology, philosophy, literature, history, and science). Regardless of their career-paths after graduation, students receive the tools to carry on a life-long engagement with the power of art and ideas.

After Lang
Graduates in the Arts go on to work as professional artists; work in arts organizations, including in performance companies, foundations, and publishing; or pursue advanced study in theory, practice, or teaching. The program's strong liberal arts emphasis also allows students to pursue careers that require a solid foundation in the liberal arts.

New York City
Eugene Lang College's location offers unparalleled opportunities for undergraduates studying the arts. New York City has an immense wealth of readily accessible cultural resources at all levels: professional theater and dance, opera and classical music, jazz, popular music, commercial and avant-garde cinema, art galleries and some of the world's great museums, and lectures and literary readings. Students also have access to the city's great performing arts libraries. Lang helps students take advantage of these resources with student discounts as well as courses and internships that take students out of the classroom and into the arts institutions of New York.

The Visiting Artist Program
Twice a year, Lang invites a distinguished professional from the theater, dance, music, or visual arts world to work with students in classroom lectures and discussions, public presentations, workshops, and master classes. Recent visiting artists include Martha Rosler and Marni Nixon.

Dance Residencies
Every spring Lang invites a guest artist to either restage a classic work by a modern dance luminary or create a new work on students, which is performed in the annual Spring Dance Performance. Courses often cover the technique, history, and life of the artist and their work (including  historical, social, political, or cultural context).  Guests work with students in intensive rehearsals. 

  • Spring 2012: Trisha Brown Restaging Project; restaging of Set and Reset
  • Spring 2011: Luciana Auchgar Residency; creation of a new work
  • Spring 2010: Anna Sokolow Residency; reconstruction of Lyric Suite
  • Spring 2009: William Forsythe Residency; creation of an original work
  • Spring 2008: Wally Cardona Residency; creation of a new work
  • Spring 2007: Jose Limon's Choreographic Offering; historical context by Ann Vachon; restaged by Sarah Stackhouse and Geraldine Cardiel
  • Spring 2006: Martha Graham's Steps in the Street; historical context by Ellen Graff; restaged by Yuriko.