Student Testimonials

"I got involved with internships as a way of sampling the various industries that I had an interest in, outside of my science major. I interned for a fashion label that grew out of Parsons, Bensoni; a social change initiative geared toward young people,; an e-commerce start-up,; a huge beautyconglomerate company, L'Oreal; and a record label and production company, CPP + Def Jam."

—Tesaen Chavis, Health Care Product Management at Flywheel Partners

"It became pretty apparent that to succeed in a city like New York, you need to be extremely driven and also need to know the right people. Because of this, I started interning my freshman year and never really looked back. I was able to intern with some pretty incredible people and brands, which include Shady Records (Paul Rosenberg, Eminem, 50 Cent), Belvedere Vodka, Nokia, and Evian."

—Patrick Nicholas, Syndicate Media Group

"My goal was to obtain internships in all areas of media, so I explored journalism, digital/online media, television, film, and radio. Whenever I took classes that focused on specific areas in media, I always took to heart what I learned and tried to apply it on the job."

—Arielle Stomski Chester, IFC–Sundance

“I began to seriously look at internships the end of my sophomore year at Lang. While at Lang, I interned in both research and direct practice settings. This included The Trevor Project, a suicide hotline for LGBTQ youth, as well as research institutes at NYU and NSSR. I am currently a first-year student at the CUNY Hunter College School of Social Work, and the liberal arts foundation I acquired at Lang was instrumental to the continuation into my graduate education."

—Patrick Fannon, Hunter College, MSW candidate

"Doing internships was an invaluable experience. The lessons I learned as an intern are still with me today. I learned the importance of having a good work ethic, how to act in a professional manner, and that attitude is everything. Be positive, be humble, work, and good things will come to you."

—Marny Smith, Skillfer

"Interning has allowed us all to gain real-world experience by working in a professional setting. The Internship Program helped me the most by promoting the importance of professionalism, career management, and networking. I've been able to meet and talk with incredible journalists like Soledad O'Brien, Anderson Cooper, and Paula Zahn."

—Linh Tran, CNN's American Morning

"I spent my first week getting used to the company and the culture, but each week my duties increased. The Internship Program helped me apply what I learned and really helped me develop skills. I realize it's not every day a student gets to work at an iconic magazine like Rolling Stone. I'm so pleased for this opportunity."

—Sara McDowell, Rolling Stone Magazine

"One of the greatest assets of the Internship Program is being able to talk with other young professionals about their internship experience. I've been able to gain valuable insight into what it's like to work within other industries in addition to the realities of working at a high-profile fashion magazine."

—Natalie Hormilla, Vogue Magazine

"I received my academic foundation in my courses, but the Internship Program has given me a chance to actually build upon that foundation with practical experience. Having the opportunity to work with VH1's On-Air Promotions Department and Beyoncé Knowles' Videography Team for her upcoming CD/DVD release doesn't come along too often in one's career. I wouldn't trade this for the world."

—Taylor Ward, VH1 and Teara Production

"What I've learned from the Internship Program is that being a productive intern requires you to step out of your comfort zone. The work I did for MTV World during the academic year as an intern eventually turned into a full-time summer job in the A & R department. I'm also a MTV Desi VJ."

—Eames Yates, MTV Networks

"The experience I've had interning at the New-York Historical Society has been nothing short of amazing. At my fingertips on a daily basis I have access to the premiere research databases in the country. I've also had the opportunity to handle documents and artifacts ranging from the settlement of New York to pieces of the World Trade Center. This experience has been rewarding as much as it has been challenging."

—Max Amster, The New-York Historical Society