Outside Programs

American Institute for Foreign Studies

American Institute for Foreign Studies (AIFS) is recognized as a leading provider of study abroad programs. Since 1964, more than 1.5 million students have traveled abroad with AIFS. With more than 45 years of experience, AIFS has the resources and experience to provide what students want and need in a study abroad program and to safeguard their welfare around the globe. AIFS program fees are all inclusive, making it simple for students to live and study abroad and experience all the world has to offer. AIFS offers a wide range of unique programs in Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa, and the Americas. Most AIFS campuses offer courses in English or in foreign languages, from beginning to advanced levels.

Academic Programs International 

Academic Programs International (API) is an independent study abroad organization that provides living, travel, educational, and cultural opportunities in Argentina, Costa Rica, England, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Poland, and Spain. API provides beginning to high-level coursework for both the language and the non-language student, in English (in some locations) and the language of the host country. Programs are available for semester, summer, and academic-year terms, as well as two-week and month-long terms.

Boston University International Programs 

Boston University allows students from other universities to take a vast selection of language and liberal arts courses as well as internship programs hosted at institutions in 21 countries. Programs are available for a semester, a summer, and a full academic year, with destinations including Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Center for International Studies

CIS abroad provides innovative education programs that broaden academic perspectives, promote global awareness, and encourage personal development while laying the foundation for participants to become engaged world citizens.

The Council on International Educational Exchange 

The Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE) offers study abroad programs in more than 30 countries, including ones in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean and Australia and New Zealand. Students have the option of taking classes at many local universities. Family homestays are available and excursions are built into most programs.

CEA Study Abroad 

CEA Study Abroad provides study abroad programs at numerous universities in 14 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, and Spain. The mission of CEA is to create and facilitate opportunities for personal growth and global understanding through quality international education and cultural experiences.

Global Maximum Educational Opportunities

g-MEO is dedicated to delivering China study abroad program options meeting the highest quality standards in a variety of locations, offering a wide array of courses in English, as well as Mandarin Chinese language training and hands-on learning such as internships and community service.

Institute for the International Education of Students

The Institute for the International Education of Student (IES) provides premier study abroad programs in more than 35 cities and 20 countries that deliver education of the highest quality while promoting development of intercultural competence. IES's world-class faculty and demanding, relevant courses engage and inspire students as they discover unexpected ways of learning both in and outside of the classroom.

International Studies Abroad

International Studies Abroad (ISA) hosts programs at accredited schools and universities in 11 countries (Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, England, France, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, and Spain). Students can also study in Mexico, Peru, and Argentina for a single semester. Programs offer cultural activities to help students with immersion; many include excursions as well.

New York University (NYU) Study Abroad

NYU's Global Academic Center offers incredible opportunities for students to expand their educational experiences with an integrated, globally designed curricular experience.  Students can move with ease throughout NYU's global network, finding themselves spending a semester in Buenos Aires and from there going to Berlin for another.

The School for International Training 

The School for International Training (SIT) offers programs that incorporate a thematic combination of field experience and academics. These programs have historically been popular with Lang students. Students live with host families and can study throughout Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East. SIT's European programs explore aspects of the countries that are not often examined in other foreign study exchanges.


SAI (formerly Study Abroad Italy) offers liberal arts and studio arts courses in Milan, Florence, Rome, Sicily, and London. Students can attend for a semester or a summer. Courses offered in Italy are taught in English, but students are expected to take at least one semester of Italian for semester programs.

Sol Education Abroad

Sol Education Abroad developed their programs in Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Spain based on nearly two decades of international experience and a passion for foreign cultures, language, and education. In an increasingly globalizing world, they recognize the vital importance of cross-cultural understanding and have created a value-based educational program accordingly. Through their program, students cultivate relationships, gain language skills, and produce memories to last a lifetime. They emphasize the importance of learning about the unique cultures and people in each specially selected program sites. With Sol Education Abroad, students achieve a genuine cultural immersion through housing with carefully selected local host families, first-rate Spanish language classes, stimulating excursions, and some of the most rewarding cultural activities possible.

Spanish Studies Abroad 

Spanish Studies Abroad (formerly the Center for Cross-Cultural Study/CC-CS) has programs in Seville and Alicante (Spain) as well as Córdoba (Argentina) and Cuba. All classes in the semester-long programs are taught in Spanish; some offer students the option of directly enrolling in university classes alongside Spanish or Argentinean students.

Syracuse University Abroad

At Syracuse University, international education is a tradition dating back to 1919, when SU students went abroad to Chungking, China. In 1959, the Syracuse in Italy program opened its doors in Florence to students of all majors and at every level of language proficiency. The innovative program worked: Students learned language on-site, and the program became the model for SU centers abroad. Today, SU consistently ranks among the top-quality international education programs in the country. Syracuse currently operates eight overseas centers, in Beijing, Florence, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Santiago (Chile), and Strasbourg (France). About 50 percent of the students who study at SU Abroad centers are Syracuse students. The rest come from more than 150 schools and colleges across the United States.

The Education Abroad Network

The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) has been running study-based programs specializing in the South Pacific and Pacific Rim with partner universities since 1995, with programs in Australia, New Zealand, China and Southeast Asia. Although TEAN has grown since 1995, it is still a relatively small, boutique organization that is flexible and responsive to the needs of students. TEAN's dedicated staff have spent considerable time studying, traveling, and working overseas. Working with top universities, TEAN offers unparalleled personalized service, including individualized pre-departure consultation, extensive in-country support, high-quality accommodations, and a range of exclusive program options designed to help students integrate into the host culture.