Declaring Your Major/Minor

As juniors, you should have already declared an academic Area of Study at Lang. Now you should clarify the particular requirements for that program and determine which requirements have not been satisfied yet. You should also ensure the area of study is appropriate based on your academic passions, post-graduate plans, and personal interests. To explore all these connections, we encourage you to speak with an advisor, the chair of the Area of Study, and/or a faculty member teaching in the area.

As a reminder, requirements are based somewhat on the date of your declaration. If you earned fewer than 45 credits at the time of declaration, you should fulfill all the requirements in effect then. If you instead earned 45 credits or more, you are allowed to fulfill either the requirements in effect at the time of declaration or the requirements in effect at the time you matriculated here. This pertains to Areas of Study where the curriculum has changed during the time of your enrollment.

You can declare online. For additional information about the curricular requirements for each Area of Study, see each program of study for specific academic requirements or schedule an appointment with the junior class advisor.