Faculty Advisors

Mentorship, Guidance, and Perspective

As an undergraduate, you are assigned a faculty advisor throughout your time at Eugene Lang College. In your first year, you are paired with a faculty member who, in most cases, remains your advisor until you declare your area of study at the end of your sophomore year. At that time, you may request reassignment to an advisor in that area of study. The faculty advisor provides academic guidance and mentorship as you make important educational decisions. We encourage you to develop a relationship with your faculty advisor by discussing more than just prospective classes and curriculum. The faculty advisors are available to discuss your future, including professional and advanced degree programs after graduation. Advising is a valued and integral component of the experience at Lang. Take advantage of it.

Special requests for reassignment to another advisor should be submitted to Jonathon White, assistant dean of students. Students are usually reassigned only in the first month of the semester and no requests are accepted during registration.

For more information about faculty advisors, visit the online directory and faculty profiles.