Course Schedule and AP Credits

Course Schedules

In general, first-year students register for four or five courses in their first semester, as outlined below.

Sample Schedule for First-Year Students

First Year Advising Seminar + Workshop (4 credits)
First Year Writing: Writing the Essay 1 (4 credits)
Elective Courses (4-8 credits)

Indicate your top choices for each category on the selection form. We recommend that you choose a range of academic subjects and avoid requesting more than two courses from a single department. You have more than enough time to focus on a particular area of study, so allow yourself this time for exploration: Now is your time to experiment! We encourage students to pursue a broad liberal arts education at Lang; try leaving your comfort zone and choosing subjects you wouldn't ordinarily consider.

If you decide to change an elective, you have time during orientation week to adjust your class schedule with an advisor. We also have a designated add/drop period in the first two weeks of the semester, during which you can make additional schedule changes.

Advising Seminars

Your advising seminar is a regular academic course, though the professor is the faculty advisor for all the students in the class. In addition to presenting specified course content, the seminars help you develop skills you will need throughout your education at Lang. Your faculty advisor meets with you throughout the semester to discuss everything from academic goals to your adjustment to college. In addition, the faculty advisor schedules classroom time to review important matters such as seminar pedagogy and may arrange individual or group appointments outside of class.

First Year Workshops

You are not expected to indicate any preferences for the First Year Workshop, an introductory workshop taught in the first semester. Each workshop is incorporated within a particular advising seminar, so you are automatically registered for the appropriate workshop based on your advising seminar. The workshop orients new students to Lang; sections are facilitated by First Year Fellows (upper-level students with significant training and experience). 

First Year Writing

All students register in a topic-based section of Writing the Essay, the first semester of a yearlong sequence in expository writing. Exemptions are unfortunately not available through scores for examinations such as AP English or the SAT Writing.

Dance Students

Please indicate whether you were admitted to the dance program. You will be automatically registered for 7 credits, including your advising course "Improvisation: Embodied", Moving with Somatics, Ballet Practices, and a First Year Workshop. You should therefore select only a First Year Writing section and an elective course.

AP and Transfer Credits

Remember to have official AP score reports mailed to the Admission Office. To request a score report, contact 888.CALL4AP or visit For high school and college transcripts, please contact institutions directly. Mail all information to:

Eugene Lang College Admission
72 Fifth Avenue, 2nd floor 
New York, NY 10011