International Arts in Context

Lang College at the American University in Paris (AUP)

New York and Paris have long enjoyed a vibrant social, cultural, and creative relationship particularly within the arts. Indeed, the history of modern dance, music, theater, and the visual arts (whether painting, sculpture, or photography) is unimaginable without the constant exchange of ideas between these two cities.

International Arts: Arts in Context is a customized plan of study that explores the creative relationships between these two global centers through a partnership between Eugene Lang College and the American University in Paris (AUP). The curriculum mirrors the structure of the Arts in Context concentration at Lang College: students connect an Arts major discipline (Contemporary Music, Dance, Theater, or Visual Studies) with a liberal arts discipline (such as Literary Studies, Culture and Media Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Urban Studies, etc.). This concentration locates the study of the arts within broader intellectual and cultural contexts.

Through this exchange, Lang College students spend one semester abroad in Paris and enroll in at least three approved AUP courses. To graduate, the regular Arts in Context requirements apply: five courses in one of the Arts disciplines, five humanities courses, one Lang interarts (LINA) course, an approved aesthetics course, and a senior capstone. The core courses at AUP (“The World, the Text and the Critic”) may substitute for the LINA course. The senior capstone should reflect the global component and follow the Arts senior work guidelines. Proficiency in French is strongly recommended, but not required, for students planning to spend a semester in Paris.

To participate in this exchange program, Lang students submit an application through the Lang Study Abroad office along with a study proposal developed in consultation with the Arts in Context coordinator.