Adams, Zed

Zed Adams
PhD, Philosophy, University of Chicago
Associate Professor of Philosophy, The New School for Social Research

Media Contact Information:
This expert is available for interviews. To contact this expert or other experts, please call The New School’s Media Relations office at 212.229.5151.
Areas of Expertise:
Cognitive science, social aspects of cognition and memory
Zed Adams’s work focuses on moral skepticism, the philosophy of color, and realism in art. Mr. Adams explores the relationship between variation in judgment or perception in different domains (moral, color, aesthetic) and the possibility of truth and knowledge in these domains
Courses Taught:
  • The Illusion of Color
  • The Sociality of Reason
  • Clocks, Computers, and Robots
  • Dogmas of Empiricism
  • Varieties of Ethical Skepticism
Recent Publications:
Work-in-progress: The Genealogy of Color (book-length project on the history of the concept of color)

Recent Articles:
“Moral Mistakes,” Philosophical Investigations, vol. 34, no. 1 (January 2011)
“On the Hardness of the Ethical Must,” Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal, vol. 30, no. 2 (2009)
“The Fragility of Moral Disagreement,” in Diego Machuca, ed., Disagreement and Skepticism (forthcoming, Cambridge University Press)
“Giving a Damn” (with Chauncey Maher), in Vincent Müller, ed., Philosophy and Theory of Artificial Intelligence (forthcoming, Springer)

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