Chamany, Katayoun


Katayoun  Chamany
PhD, Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California at Berkeley
Associate Professor of Biology, Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts

Media Contact Information:
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Areas of Expertise:
Stem Cell Research; the Ethics of Oocyte Donation; Public Perception and Understanding of New Biotechnologies and Reproductive Technologies (ART, PGD, Genetic Testing); Standard of Care and Informed Consent; HPV and its Associated Diagnostics, Treatments, and Vaccines; Indigenous Knowledge and Resources as they related to Benefit Sharing; Health as a Human Right.
Katayoun Chamany is Associate Professor of Biology and founder of the Interdisciplinary Science program at The New School's Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts. It is an undergraduate program focused on teaching science in context and preparing students for interdisciplinary careers. Over the years, her work has migrated the lab bench to the classroom, designing biology and health curricula that incorporate issues of inequity and structural violence using a critical pedagogy to demonstrate how biology and its applications can lead to positive change at the community level. On a national level, she serves as an Expert Workshop Leader and Reviewer for the National Case Study Teaching in Science Project, an ad-hoc reviewer for Life Sciences Education, a member of The Faculty of the 21st Century Project Kaleidoscope, and a SENCER Leadership Fellow (Science Education for New Civic Engagement and Responsibilities). All of this work seeks to bring context-based science to students from all walks of life. She is a grantee of the New York State Department of Health and is developing an undergraduate curriculum on stem cell science using a social justice frame and she the author of Cell Biology for Life, a collection of educational modules published by Garland publishing. She is on the editorial board for the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science and CBE- Life Sciences Education (LSE) Journal.
Courses Taught:
  • Genes, Environment, and Behavior
  • The Science and Politics of Infectious Diseases
  • Epidemics and International Responses (graduate level, International Affairs)


Recent Publications:
Chamany K., et al, “Making Biology Learning Relevant to Students: Integrating People, History, and Context into (College) Biology Teaching, Life Sciences Education (2008)

Chamany K, “Science and Social Justice: Making the Cases for Case Studies,” Journal of College Science Teaching, 54,59 (October 2006)

Chamany K, “Introduction III. Health.” In Politics and Science: How their interplay results in public policy,” Social Research, 73,3 (October 2006): 781-784.

Chamany K, Cell Biology for Life: Online Book and Curriculum. Three modules include: Stem Cells (basic cell biology) Botulinum Toxin (specialized cells and communication), and HPV and Cancer (viral genetics and oncogenesis), 2004-2009.

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