Todman, McWelling

McWelling Todman
PhD, Clinical Psychology, The New School for Social Research
Associate Professor of Clinical Practice & Director of MA Concentration in Substance Abuse, The New School for Social Research

Media Contact Information:
This expert is available for interviews. To contact this expert or other experts, please call The New School’s Media Relations office at 212.229.5151.
Areas of Expertise:
Psychopathology, insight and self-monitoring in psychotic and substance use disorders, chemical and behavioral addictions, clinical assessment, and the psychological derivatives of boredom and boredom proneness 
McWelling Todman has conducted research on the intersection of boredom, self-dysregulation, psychopathology, and substance misuse. Some of this research has been conducted in collaboration with researchers from the Geriatric Psychiatry and Methadone Maintenance departments of Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. Some of Mr. Todman’s recent studies focus on the cognitive, psychosocial, and neuropsychological effects of long-term methadone use and treatment in elderly opioid-dependent individuals. The focus of Mr. Todman’s current work is sustained boredom as a predictor of failures in self-regulation and as a trigger for untoward outcomes in clinical and educational settings. Mr. Todman is a former director of the Community Support Systems Programs (CSS) at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. He has served as a technical consultant to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and its predecessor, the Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration (ADAMHA), and is the chair of numerous independent ad hoc grant review panels for the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) and the Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS). Mr. Todman has also served on the advisory review panel of the New York City governmental unit formerly known as Special Services for Children and has been an advisor or consultant to the boards and managers of several community-based service organizations.
Courses Taught:
  • Adult Psychopathology
  • Psychopathology I
  • Psychopathology II
  • Psychopathology III
  • Drugs, Culture, and Deviance
  • Practicum in Assessment as a Clinical and Research Tool I
Recent Publications:
Todman, M., Self-Regulation and Social Competence: Psychological Studies in Identity, Achievement and Work-Family Dynamics (ATINER Press, 2009)

Rajaratnam, R., Sivesind, D., Todman, M., Roane, D., and Seewald, R., “The Aging Methadone Patient: Treatment Adjustment, Long-Term Success and Quality of Life,” Journal of Opioid Management (2009)

Lehr, E., and Todman, M., “Boredom and Boredom Proneness in Children: Implications for Academic and Social Adjustment,” in M. Todman, ed., Self-Regulation and Social Competence: Psychological Studies in Identity, Achievement and Work-Family Dynamics (ATINER Press, 2009)

Todman, M., et al., “Boredom in Schizoaffective Disorder and other Psychotic Conditions,” in K. Yip, ed., Schizoaffective Disorders: International Perspectives on Understanding, Intervention and Rehabilitation (Nova Science Publications, 2008)

Todman, M., “Psychopathology and Boredom: A Neglected Association,” in K.A. Fanti, ed., Psychological Science: Research, Theory and Future Directions (ATINER Press, 2007)

Antonius, D., Brown, A., Todman, M., and Safran, J., “Integrating Science in Applied Psychology Programs: A Student-Generated Journal,” Teaching Psychology (2007)

Todman, M., “Self-Monitoring, Self-Assessment and Discrepancies with Observer Ratings in Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder: A Strategy for Negotiating Change in Symptom Unawareness,” in William H. Murray, ed., Schizoaffective Disorder: New Research (Nova Science Publications, 2006)

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