Bernstein, Richard


Richard Bernstein
PhD, Philosophy, Yale University
Vera List Professor of Philosophy, The New School for Social Research

Media Contact Information:
This expert is available for interviews. To contact this expert or other experts, please call The New School’s Media Relations office at 212.229.5151.
Areas of Expertise:
American pragmatism, social and political philosophy, critical theory, Anglo-American philosophy
Mr. Bernstein is a celebrated scholar of American pragmatism. He has edited and published numerous books, including Beyond Objectivism and Relativism: Science, Hermeneutics and Praxis (1983) and, most recently, Radical Evil: A Philosophical Interrogation (2002). In 2003, MIT Press published an edited volume examining his work, with articles by Jacques Derrida, Jürgen Habermas, Richard Rorty, Nancy Fraser, and Charles Taylor. Mr. Bernstein helped shape the graduate faculty of The New School for Social Research, where he has taught since 1989 and served as both chair of the Philosophy Department and dean. He has received many honors, including the 1999 New School Distinguished Teacher’s Award.
Courses Taught:
  • Mind and Reality
  • American Pragmatism I: The Classical Pragmatists
Recent Publications:

Radical Evil: A Philosophic Interrogation (2002)

Freud and the Legacy of Moses (1998)

Hannah Arendt and the Jewish Question (1996)

The New Constellation: The Ethical/Political Horizons of Modernity/Postmodernity (1991)

Philosophical Profiles (1986)

Habermas and Modernity (editor, 1985)

Beyond Objectivism and Relativism: Science, Hermeneutics, and Praxis (1983)

Praxis and Action (1971)

John Dewey (1966)

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