New Visions 2009

New Visions Fall 2009

The New School for Drama Directing Festival

The festival features 7 contemporary plays in repertory highlighting the work of Drama’s graduating directors and actors.

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NORMAL: THE DÜSSELDORF RIPPER by Anthony Neilson, directed by Lucia Peters
November 19 7:00 p.m.; November 21 9:00 p.m.; December 10 7:00 p.m.

Based on real events in 1920s Düsseldorf, Normal follows the trials and tribulations of accused murderer Peter Kurten. Wehner, a naive young lawyer, is hired to defend the undefendable Kurten, and decides to plead insanity on his behalf – only to come to the startling conclusion that his client is, in fact, worryingly sane.

ORESTES 2.0 by Charles L. Mee, directed by Sarah Bellin
November 19 9:00 p.m.; November 21 7:00 p.m.; December 10 9:00 p.m.

An irreverent, surreal, and heartbreaking retelling of Euripedes’ Oresteia that sends brother and sister Orestes and Electra through a nightmarish and comic dreamscape of autopsy suites, hospital wards, kangaroo courtrooms, and hostage takings, as they face the emotional and legal consequences of having murdered their mother, who murdered their father.

AMAZONS AND THEIR MEN by Jordan Harrison, directed by John Hurley
November 20 7:00 p.m.; November 21 1:00 p.m.; December 11 7:00 p.m.

The Frau used to direct beautiful films for a fascist government – now she's trying to make a film that's simply beautiful: she casts herself in the lead role of the Amazon queen Penthesilea, who falls in love with Achilles on the battlefield of the Trojan War. But when telegrams start to arrive from the Minister of Propaganda, it becomes impossible for the Frau to ignore the real war outside her sound stage.

ON THE VERGE or The Geography of Yearning by Eric Overmyer, directed by Elizabeth Carlson
November 20 9:00 p.m.; November 21 3:00 p.m.; December 11 9:00 p.m.

A valiant trek into terra incognita uncovers artifacts from the future – much to the delight – and discomfiture – of three Victorian lady explorers, as they jaunt through a continuum of space, time, history, geography, feminism, and fashion.

4:48 PSYCHOSIS by Sarah Kane, directed by Mason Beggs
December 3 7:00 p.m.; December 4 9:00 p.m.; December 12 1:00 p.m.

What happens to a person's mind when the barriers which distinguish reality from different forms of imagination completely disappear?

THE DROWNED WORLD by Gary Owen, directed by Barrett Hileman
December 3 9:00 p.m.; December 5 9:00 p.m.; December 12 3:00 p.m.

In this vicious tale of love, revolt, and beauty, we’re presented a vision of a world divided between citizens and non-citizens, where friends betray one another, and where surface matters more than love or kinship. In a drowned world, how far will you go to save your own skin?

DESDEMONA, A Play About a Handkerchief by Paula Vogel, directed by Joan Kane
December 4 7:00 p.m.; December 5 7:00 p.m.; December 12 7:00 p.m.

Having slept with the entire military encampment, Desdemona revels in her bawdy tales of conquest, and although she has never been intimate with the soldier Cassio, her life is soon in danger when her husband, Othello, suspects her of infidelity in this re-imagined work of Shakespeare.

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