Public Engagement


  • Milano Public, Urban, and Environmental Policy

    Charles Allison: Entrepreneurship, community and economic development
    (MBA, Harvard Business School)

    Ana Baptista: Environmental and climate justice, urban planning
    (PhD, Rutgers University)

    Mindy Fullilove: Urban policy and health
    (MD, Columbia University)

    Darrick Hamilton: Economic stratification in human capital, financial, and labor markets
    (PhD, University of North Carolina)

    Leonardo Figueroa Helland: Environmental and climate justice
    (PhD, Arizona State University)

    David R. Howell: Labor markets, inequality and social policy
    (PhD, The New School) 

    Rachel Meltzer: Urban economic development, housing and neighborhood change
    (PhD, New York University)

    Bryna Sanger: Public sector management and policy analysis
    (PhD, Brandeis University)

    Alex F. Schwartz: Housing and community development
    (PhD, Rutgers University)

    Maya Wiley: Racial justice and equity
    (JD, Columbia University) 

    Julien J. Studley Graduate Programs in International Affairs 

    Michael Cohen: Urban policy and economic development
    (PhD, University of Chicago)

    Sakiko Fukuda-Parr
    (MA, University of Sussex, UK)

    Margarita Gutman: Urban futures and history, Latin America
    (PhD, University of Buenos Aires)

    Sean Jacobs: Media, globalization, political culture, sports, Africa
    (PhD, University of London)

    Nina L. Khrushcheva: Russian politics, global media and culture
    (PhD, Princeton University)

    L.H.M. Ling: Postcolonial-feminist theorizing, non-Western approaches to the world, Daoist dialogics, gender-as-analytic
    (PhD, MIT)

    Christopher London: Political ecology, radical democracy, rural social change
    (PhD, Cornell University)

    Manjari Mahajan
    (PhD, Cornell University)

    Everita Silina: Democratic theory, political economy, critical theory, genocide, and ethnic conflicts
    (PhD, Syracuse University)

    Antina von Schnitzler: Infrastructure, neoliberalism, protest and social movements, postcoloniality, South Africa
    (PhD, Columbia University)

    Milano Management

    Sujatha Jesudason: Social justice movements, the ethics of reproductive genetics, disability rights, racial inclusion
    (PhD, University of California-Berkeley)

    Michele Kahane
    (MBA and MIA, Columbia University)

    Mark Lipton: Organizational change and leadership
    (PhD, University of Massachusetts-Amherst)

    Latha Poonamallee: Organizational behavior and social entrepreneurship
    (PhD, Case Western Reserve University)

    Nidhi Srinivas: Critical management, Postcolonial studies, NGOs
    (PhD, McGill University)

    Mary R. Watson: Management and social policy
    (PhD, Vanderbilt University)

    Bachelor's Program Environmental Studies

    Timon McPhearson: Urban ecology, social-ecological systems, resilience
    (PhD, Rutgers University)

    Parsons School of Design

    Aseem Inam: Urban transformation, comparative urbanism, informal urbanisms
    (PhD, University of Southern California)

    Brian McGrath: Architecture, urban design, ecology and media
    (MArch, Princeton University)

    Miodrag Mitrasinovic
    (PhD, University of Florida-Gainesville)

    William Morrish
    (MArch, Harvard University)

    Carlos Teixeira: Design strategies and open innovation
    (PhD, Illinois Institute of Technology)

    Jilly Traganou
    (PhD, University of Westminster)

    The New School for Social Research

    Teresa Ghilarducci: Labor and aging economics
    (PhD, University of California–Berkeley)

    Terry Williams
    (PhD, City University of New York)