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  • Nidhi Srinivas

    Associate Professor of Management


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    Nidhi Srinivas


    Nidhi Srinivas is Associate Professor of Management at Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment. His research centers on social innovation and postcolonial studies, mobilizing critical theory to study a variety of topics, including management history, international development, mutual aid, ecological politics and civic design. He publishes widely and has received several fellowships, including from Erasmus Mundus, the India China Institute, and the BRICS policy center. He has also served as visiting professor at different institutions, including the ITC-ILO, Turin; Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo; Sao Paulo School of Business Administration; and the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.


    Srinivas teaches courses in Management and Social Innovation. His classes enhance students’ ability to critique and integrate theories, with a particular focus on design, inclusion and social justice.


    His book Against Non-Governmental Organizations? Tracking commonsense in Civil Society, Management and Development. is forthcoming from Cambridge University Press.

    Recent Publications

    Srinivas, Nidhi (2020), Moving past binaries in management history: the scope for a postcolonial project and epistemic critique. Journal of Management History.

    Srinivas, Nidhi (2020), Evil. In V. Tassinari & E. Staszowski (Eds.) Designing in Dark Times: An Arendtian Lexicon. London: Bloomsbury.

    Srinivas, Nidhi (2020), An anarchist prehistory of management. In M. Parker (Ed.) Management and Anarchism. London: Routledge.

    Srinivas, Nidhi (2017), Environmental Grassroots Partnerships and Potential for Social Innovation. In Environmental Sustainability from the Himalayas to the Oceans. In Shikui Dong, Jayanta Bandyopadhyay & Sanjay Chaturvedi (Eds.) Environmental Sustainability from the Himalayas to the Oceans: Struggles and Innovations in China and India: 145-164. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

    Srinivas, Nidhi & Staszowski, Eduardo (2017) Trickery in civic design: Subversion, cooptation and politics. In T. Fisher and L. Gamman (Eds).  Tricky things: The dark side of design, London: Bloomsbury Academic.

    Srinivas, Nidhi (2016), Deschooling the manager through the humanities: Mintzberg’s amateurish conscience. In C. Steyaert, T. Beyes, & M. Parker (Eds.) The Routledge Companion to Reinventing Management Education: 65-76. New York: Routledge.

    Srinivas, Nidhi (2016),Transnational governance and the trilhos urbanos: Civil society resistance to the Rio Mega Events. Revista de Administração de Empresas.

    Srinivas, Nidhi (2015), A ‘fixação’ do poder: O que os desastres podem nos dizer sobre gestão. Revista Brasileira De Estudos Organizacionais. 2(1).

    Srinivas, Nidhi (2013), Could a subaltern manage? Professional habitus and practice in a colonial workplace. Organization Studies. 34(11) 1655–1674

    Srinivas, Nidhi (2012), The possibility of the past: Two routes to a past and what they tell us about professional power. Management & Organizational History, 7-3: 237–249.

    Srinivas, Nidhi (2012), Epistemic and performative quests for authentic management in India. Organization, 19-2: 145-158. (Selected for Organization Editors' Picks: Postcolonialism and Voices from the South)

    Jack, Gavin, Westwood, Robert, Srinivas, Nidhi and Sardar, Ziauddin (2011), Deepening, broadening and re-asserting a postcolonial interrogative space in organization studies. Organization, 18-3: 275-302. (Editorial and editors, special issue: Interrogating Organization through the Postcolonial) 

    Mintzberg, Henry and Srinivas, Nidhi (2010), Juxtaposing doers and helpers in development. Community Development Journal, 45-1: 39-57.

    Srinivas, Nidhi (2009), Against NGOs?: A Critical Perspective on Nongovernmental Action. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 38-4: 614.

    Research Interests

    Social Innovation and Design; Postcolonial studies and inclusion; Global civil society and NGOs; Critical theory

    Current Courses

    Management & Social Justice

    Management & Social Justice (Spring 2021)

    Management & Social Justice

    Pol Econ & Public Policy II

    Systems Approach to Mgt & Orgs

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