Procedure Statement

Our goal is to provide your department with a lowest possible cost, while leveraging volume and obtaining the best value for the university. The university implemented a contract with WB Mason as our "preferred vendor" to provide toner for all items except copiers. Most copiers have a separate maintenance plan that includes toner. Contact purchasing at 212.229.5323 to find out if your copier is covered.

Ordering Toner


Toner For Copiers

The university has partnered with Konica Minolta Business Solutions to supply us with low-volume copiers. The program includes toner and maintenance in the agreement. To order toner, contact Konica Minolta Business Solutions at 877.551.3258.

If your department has a copier that was purchased or leased from a different vendor, please contact the Purchasing Department to see if you have a current maintenance plan. If one is in place, then toner is included in the plan and we will give you the number to order supplies. If there is no maintenance plan in place, fill out a Purchase Requisition (PDF) form and send it to the Purchasing Department.

Toner for Printers and Fax Machines

Toners can be ordered through our office supply vendor. Please refer to the Office Supply page for ordering. 

If your toner is not listed on the WB Mason's web site, please contact Purchasing at or 212.229.5323 x3733. 

Recycling Toner

The New School is involved in preserving our environment, thus The New School works with WB Mason in recycling toner cartridges.

Have the USED toner cartridge wrapped and ready when the delivery man from WB Mason stops by then advise him of the used toner. The delivery person without hesitation will take it back.


Be on the alert for unsolicited calls from vendors who attempt to ship you copier supplies or office supplies. The caller will generally inquire as to the make and model of your copier and the employee who requisitions supplies. More than likely, the caller works for a company that ships unsolicited copier supplies, like toner, at very inflated prices. The caller will offer some justification for the call like a major customer went out of business in the area or the price has gone up but they are holding theirs down for a limited time. Remember in most cases supplies are included in the maintenance agreement. If you receive such a call, please refer the call to the Purchasing Department. That way, if the call is legitimate, the entire university can benefit from the offer.

To help the university community stay on guard against these questionable suppliers, we have developed a list of useful tips to help prevent departments from being swindled:

  • If someone calls you about the "renewal of a previous order," ask them for the original purchase order number. If they produce a purchase order number, investigate the authenticity of the number and the ordering department. If they cannot product a valid purchase order number, attempt to obtain the caller’s phone numbers for your records then contact Purchasing.
  • If you receive an invoice in the mail for an order of which you have no record, read the invoice carefully. If the fine print states, "This is not an invoice. Material will not be shipped without prepayment," save the invoice and contact Purchasing for assistance.
  • Do not authorize any shipment of supplies to a caller soliciting business over the phone
  • If you receive a shipment of supplies, which were never ordered, do not open any of the packages or use any of the supplies. Store the shipment in a secure area, save the packing list, and contact Purchasing for assistance.
  • Never enter into any negotiations with a caller attempting to "resolve an invoice problem" for a shipment/invoice from an unknown or questionable supplier. Contact Purchasing immediately for direction and /or assistance.
  • If you are ever unsure about dealing with a certain supplier contact Purchasing at 212.229.5323 x3733 for assistance.
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