Purchase Order

The Purchase Order

Requestor will receive a PDF copy of the original Purchase Order via e-mail from purchasing. Immediately review the purchase order copy to verify that the correct merchandise has been ordered. Print copy for future reference as this serves as "Payment Authorization" copy. It is the department’s acceptance of goods and services. When the department receives the correct goods, the Purchase Order copy should be signed, dated and sent immediately to the Accounts Payable with the packing slip. Comments should be made on the copy concerning over-shipment, under-shipment, damages, missing items, price changes, and acceptance of additional freight charges etc.

All vendors have been directed to send invoices to Accounts Payable. If your department receives an invoice, forward it immediately to Accounts Payable.


The New School does not have a central receiving department. Therefore, furniture and merchandise shipped directly to a department must be carefully checked for damage before you sign the trucking receipt. Do not hesitate to ask the shipper to wait while you check the delivery. Take the time to examine all packages and make sure that the quantity and items match the packing slip. If the shipment seems incorrect, or if you have any doubts or questions about the order, please contact Purchasing at once to receive clarification.


If the order is correct, complete and in good condition, sign your copy of the Purchase Order and forward it to Accounts Payable with the packing slip.

Partial Shipment - Back Orders

If you receive a partial shipment, photocopy the Purchase Order and indicate on the copy which items should be paid. Send this copy to Accounts Payable with the packing slip. Keep a copy until the Purchase Order is complete. Once the remaining items of your order are received, send a copy marked "Complete" to Accounts Payable.

Cancellation or Modification of A Purchase Order

Immediately send written instructions to the Purchasing Department regarding cancellation or modifications of a Purchase Order. Examples of modifications include price or quantity variances, and changes in budget distribution. The Purchasing Department will update the order in Banner, fax an updated copy of the purchase order to the vendor and e-mail an updated copy to requestor.


When a vendor ships items as ordered, they have fulfilled their part of a contract. They do not have to accept returns of the merchandise. Some vendors charge a restocking fee that must be borne by the requisitioner. To insure that proper credit is assessed to your account, requests to return supplies or equipment to a vendor should be coordinated with the Purchasing Office. (Note: most vendors will not accept returns without a Return Authorization number in order for proper credit to be issued).

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