French Studies

French Studies provides an opportunity for students to supplement their academic major through focused coursework in the language, literature, and civilization of France and the francophone world. It is an interdisciplinary field of study, drawing on courses in literature, film, culture, and philosophy. The knowledge and skills gained from this minor can complement any concentration, deepen students’ global competencies, and prepare them for graduate school and a range of international professions.


Undergraduate students from any college in the university can select a minor from Lang’s offerings. Similarly, Lang students who are not majoring in Liberal Arts can select a minor from those offered by other divisions, provided they meet the prerequisites and related requirements.

Because many students come to Lang having already studied French, most of the courses for the minor are taught in French. Students in upper-level language courses sharpen their fluency in spoken and written French while studying important literary and cultural texts in their original language. The elective courses allow students to broaden their intellectual horizons by engaging with a wide range of critical texts and issues in the francophone tradition.

The minor in French Studies requires completion of the following five (5) courses:
    NFRN 2101 French Intermediate 1*
    NFRD 2102 French Intermediate 2*
    NFRN 3101 French Advanced 1*
    NFRN 3102 French Advanced 2*
    1 Elective taught in either French or English 2-4
*Students already beyond the Intermediate French level can, upon the recommendation of the French section coordinator, substitute advanced language courses as they vary by topic to ensure completion of four courses in the study of the language.
Total Credits: 18-20

Self-Designed Major (BA, Liberal Arts)

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts cannot elect an academic minor. However, they can pursue a guided area of study in French Studies. Students interested in this option should consult with their advisors.