Student Fellows

Earn Credit and Money While You Learn

Eugene Lang College is seeking two Student Fellows for each of eight new Civic Arts and Humanities courses (16 fellowships altogether). These awards are competitive based on demonstrated aptitude in the field of study for which the student has applied. The selected fellows will receive stipends for performing supervisory tasks designated by the faculty and the Visiting Fellows, the latter being our community partners in the arts and humanities. Tasks might include research assistance, website design and maintenance, and technological aid and demonstration. This is an unusual opportunity for undergraduate students to assume teaching assistant responsibilities while learning and receiving course credit.

Student Fellows will be compensated based on the type of class they take:

  • 4-credit courses (four offered): $4,000
  • 2-credit intensives (three offered): $2,000
  • Weekend festival (one offered): $1,000

Applications for fall 2014 are now closed.

Please check back in September for spring 2015 Student Fellow applications. Any questions about the program can be directed to Program Coordinator Keiji Ishiguri.

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