Public Engagement

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    Jeremy Harmer

    “I tell my online MA TESOL students all the time—and they believe it after about the first week—that the most important part of the course is the discussion board. They will learn as much from each other as they ever do from an instructor. Of course, the instructor's there—prodding and pursing them to think more deeply. But when the discussions take off, they're just magic.”
    Jeremy Harmer (MA Applied Linguistics, University of Reading, UK), a faculty member of the MA TESOL program at the Schools of Public Engagement, is known throughout the ELT world for his books on teaching methodology, particularly the classic texts, How to Teach English and The Practice of English Language Teaching. He is the general editor of Longman's "How-To" series and host of the Teacher Development section of the ELT Forum website. He frequently leaves his home base in England to train teachers and to speak at conferences around the world.