Public Engagement

  • About Public Engagement

    The Schools of Public Engagement embody the values that motivated the university's founders in 1919. Their mission is to create and nurture a learning community marked by interdisciplinary engagement with real-world issues and the integration of professional, civic, and liberal learning. The common thread that runs across our diverse academic programs is a commitment to learning that makes a difference in the world. In order to realize this commitment, we aspire to provide an educational experience that is integrative, boundary-crossing, and collaborative. We connect theory to real-world practice, training students to address civic life, to create new forms of culture, and to respond to contemporary challenges in their communities and throughout the world.

    Public Engagement is composed of several schools and programs: the Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students; the Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Studies; the School of Media Studies; the Creative Writing Program; and the School of Languages. Each school embodies our mission in its own way, offering students unique opportunities to pursue their academic, professional, and civic aspirations in tandem.