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    Tiphanie Yanique

    “I treat my classroom kind of like Vegas: Everything can happen, anything can happen, but it just stays in the classroom. I want the classroom to be a place of safety, a place where students can do dangerous things but also know that it doesn’t have to get out. Their parents aren’t going to find out. So I’m very protective of the space as a teacher because I want my students to say honest things and to learn from other honest opinions.”
    Tiphanie Yanique is an assistant professor in the Creative Writing Program. She is the author of novels, short fiction, and poetry, including the prizewinning How to Escape from a Leper Colony (2010, Graywolf Press). She has also been published in Best African American Fiction, American Short Fiction, Transition Magazine, Cream City Review, the Wall Street Journal, and many other periodicals and anthologies. As a scholar, she is interested in the literature of religion, place, and voice.