Servon, Lisa

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    Lisa Servon

    “At the Milano School, there is a clear, strong connection between the theoretical world of the classroom and the real world of the outside. I think it’s a model not many places follow. I like to tell prospective students that on day one you're in the classroom learning theory and on day two you’re out on the street doing real work.”
    Lisa Servon is a professor of urban policy in and former dean of the Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy. She teaches and conducts research on urban poverty, community development, economic development, and gender and race. Her interests include microenterprise development, the digital divide, and capacity building in community-based organizations. Servon is the author of Bridging the Digital Divide: Technology, Community, and Public Policy (Blackwell, 2002) and Bootstrap Capital: Microenterprises and the American Poor (Brookings, 1999).