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    Fabio Parasecoli

    “My background is in political science; I focused on East Asia and Muslim countries. So I traveled a lot to those parts of the world to write stories, and while I was traveling, of course I was exposed to food. Food has always been a passion of mine. So I took advantage and got to know different cuisines and different traditions. But as I traveled and then switched my focus from international affairs to food, I realized that actually food could be a very good entry point for an exploration of aspects of politics, of society, of the environment in different places.”
    Fabio Parasecoli is an associate professor and the coordinator of Food Studies at the Schools of Public Engagement. His current work examines food and masculinity in movies and sociopolitical aspects of food, international trade, and intellectual property. Parasecoli is also a program advisor to Gustolab, a center for food and culture in Rome. He is a former correspondent who worked frequently in East Asia and the Middle East covering politics and culture. Parasecoli served for many years as the U.S. correspondent for Gambero Rosso, Italy's authoritative food and wine magazine.