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    Andrés Bayona

    Boyana, Andreas

    Andrés Bayona worked in his home country of Colombia as an anchor, producer, and reporter for the first News in English division at RCN Television. “I reached a point where I needed to move abroad to expand my academic career," says Bayona. "Even though I had the privilege to learn and grow as a professional in different fields in my country, I needed to improve my academic studies and project what I had done professionally to a different level and specialize in media.” Bayona says of his decision to join the MS in Media Management Program, “I was sure it was the ideal place to track new opportunities, and to gain the experience, skills, and knowledge that would contribute to my professional success.”

    Says Bayona, “the MS in Media Management Program provided me a solid foundation in managerial skills to critically analyze media industries and their products.” He credits the program with helping him to gain understanding of the media’s role in business development,  “along with an understanding of its impacts from different perspectives: from those who make it, from those who consume it, and from those who manage it.” “There is a role to play for people trained in media in guiding these industries into the future and figuring out not only how media markets could work in the near term but also how they could change over time.”

    Bayona currently serves as Content Manager for Televisa in Mexico City, where he develops creative content extensions and franchises around Univision, Fusion Media Group, and Televisa’s key programming, and develops brand initiatives on social media platforms. Bayona prepared for this work through his Media Management capstone project, for which he created a transmedia storytelling proposal for Univision to increase its viewer engagement. For the capstone, he developed a concrete strategy proposal based on research, studies, and surveys, as well as the principles that he learned during his coursework. Says Bayona, “The capstone project was extremely helpful, and was created after a fellowship that I did with Univision. My interest in the company and everything I learned throughout the program encouraged me to make this proposal.”