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  • Public and Urban Policy PhD Students and Their Research Interests

    Name Research Interests
    Adebayo Alabi The effects of housing policy on local economic development and community wellbeing.
    Noah Allison Comparative urban studies, everyday life, peripheral urbanization, immigrant entrepreneurialism, food, ethnography and qualitative methodology
    Muhammad Amir Ansari The effects of intergovernmental fiscal systems and on local economic development: a case study of Pakistan
    Bert Azizoglu Examination of the effects of rising income inequality and household debt on labor market behavior and outcomes in the US.
    Florencia Barindelli Determinants and effects of highly skilled labor migration and the implications for public policy.
    David Bashkevin The effects of the affordability of higher education and opportunities for online education on career outcomes.
    Fabiola Berdiel-Mintz Researching the effects of neoliberal urbanism on the physical design of global cities and the wellbeing of their inhabitants with the goal of developing a more inclusive and egalitarian urban agenda.
    Andres Bernal Exploring worker-ownership and cooperative enterprises as policy initiatives for sustainable community development and progressive political economy.
    Ofronama Biu Workforce development and labor market outcomes in American cities.
    Rachel Brooks Atkins Understanding the effects of public policy on entrepreneurship and small business ownership, especially for under-represented racial and ethnic minorities in the US.
    Raven Brown Adolescence, gender, violence and public health through the lens of activism, social justice and inclusive development utilizing cross country analysis.
    Maria Carrizosa The effects of alternative conceptions of informality on slum-upgrading policy in the global south.
    Elizabeth Cuccaro Advocacy and public policy regarding the diagnosis and treatment of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
    Katherine Dillard Gonzalez Evaluate the system-level impact of aligning service delivery across shelter services, criminal justice, mental illness, substance use, health care, and housing providers to improve outcomes for persons experiencing homelessness.
    Liat Eisen The role of public space in divided cities in the age of social networks; the effects of geopolitical changes on cities that are split along ethnic and religious lines, privatization of public space, sovereignty and control of the public domain.
    Emie Eshmawy Urban design/planning, infrastructure, crisis and economic development in the context of spatial theory, with a focus on war-torn and weather-devastated cities.
    Sarah Farsad Affirmative action policies and diversity initiatives implemented to diminish racial inequities in higher education in the U.S., with an emphasis on art and design programs.
    Violet Fredericks The Gun Economy: A multidisciplinary, policy-oriented inquiry into the interaction between the Illicit Gun Economy and local urban communities.
    Tracey Freiberg The effects of human capital development and labor regulations on U.S. labor market inequality.
    Cristina Handal Gonzalez The role and impact of international governments, agencies, and academic interventions in the urban development of Central America, with particular attention to Honduras.
    Kier Hanratty How local and state public finance and urban land use influence one another in American cities.
    Kelsey Hood Cattaneo Holistic child development with formal and non-formal education practices in combination with community based development approaches.
    Martha Jaimes The effects of urban infrastructure and labor market dynamics on urban productivity and local economic development, with a focus on Bogotá, Colombia.
    Lina Jaramillo Social Policy, Grassroots Communities Development, Welfare State, Qualitative Research, Gender Equality
    Jacquelin Kataneksza Deconstruction of conventional African development strategies in order to explore complementary and contradictory alternative narratives of progress and development.
    Vanessa Leon Strengthening the institutional capacity for promoting integrated urban development, with a focus on post-earthquake infrastructure creation in Haiti.
    Michal Lewin-Epstein Sustainable food plans and food systems evaluation.
    Yimin Li The role of science/scientists in the making of urban and social policies in China.
    David López García My dissertation researches the political economy of the role of the state in urban infrastructure provision and the socioeconomic implications of such a role. To do so, I study the case of public transit provision in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area.
    Nicole Mader The use of integrated student supports to reduce the impact of poverty on educational outcomes.
    Andrea Marpillero-Colomina Cross-cultural conflict concerning physical infrastructure, gentrification and transportation at the neighborhood-level.
    Helidah 'Didi' Ogude My dissertation research is situated within the complex and mutually constitutive relationships between media, public attitudes and migration policymaking. I explore how British mainstream media and political elites depicted black African and Arab/Muslim male migrants during the height of the Mediterranean 'crisis', and I relate this in turn to immigration policy.
    Veronica Olivotto Processes of policy deliberation around urban climate change risk and resilience, including production and access to relevant/usable scientific knowledge of climate risks at different scales and situated power dynamics. New York City and South America.
    Bobbette Patterson The effectiveness of performance measures on health outcomes in New York City hospitals.
    Claribel Ramirez Economic development strategies, poverty and the hunger trap in Puerto Rico.
    Jeannette Rausch Public participation in urban land-use development and urban waterfront development.
    Camila Ronderos Low-income housing, informal settlements, access to credit, and the role of housing microfinance in Latin America; slum redevelopment and relocation policies and the effect on household income.
    Akilah Rosado A Sense of Belonging: Investigating the classroom experiences of Black children in predominately white progressive independent schools in NYC that have implemented a racial equity curriculum and culturally responsive pedagogy.
    Rebecca Scheer The development and use of community development indicators to improve neighborhood wellbeing.
    Sara Shroff The political economy of money, epistemologies of value and valuations, monetary histories and social formations, and emergent forms of political activism.
    Lena Simet Issues related to inequality, housing, and informality in cities. Specifically, the effects of local and national level policies on inequality of income and segregation.
    Da'mon Smith Political advocacy and the ecology of public policy, with application to government reform, criminal justice policy, and economic and workforce development.
    Michael Stack The effects of mass incarceration and the growing racial wealth gap on sustainable community development, with particular attention to abandoned ghettos in American cities.
    Quan H Tran My research interests include urban sociology, institutional economics, race, and migration
    Manuel Valderrama Florez Approaches and techniques that aid understanding the complexities of implementation and evaluation of public policy.
    Conrad Walker The role social institutions play in the development and renewal of American cities.
    Michael Williams The effects of public workforce programs on improving labor market outcomes for long-term unemployment for low-income minority men in New York City.
    Tanishia Williams Minor Institutional and political factors that constrain and enable the success of US public school reform, with a focus on the role of race in organizational management and theory, public policy and urban leadership.
    Rajeev Yerneni The explanation of native and foreign-born Chinese-American smoking prevalence rates in New York City.
    Anze Zadel Comparative research on New York City and Lagos to explore community decision-making related to housing and health outcomes.
    Peter Zayas I want to make police agencies more accountable to the constituents that they serve. My research intends on ascertaining the optimum reward system for police officers.