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  • Dr.  Achilles Kallergis, August 2018

    Dissertation Title: Addressing the Need for Local Data: A Systematic Low-Cost Way for Monitoring Living Conditions in Informal Settlements

    Dr. Rebecca Hollender, May 2018

    Dissertation Title: Post-Growth in Practice: The Realities of Public Policy and Community Initiatives in Ecuador

    Dr. Claude Joseph, May 2018

    Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Foreign Aid, Institutions, and Development

    Dr. Calvin T. Brown, January 2018

    Dissertation Title: The Neighborhood Effect of Poverty Over Time: Identifying Poverty Thresholds Where Neighborhood Conditions Change

    Dr. Pooya Ghorbani, January 2018

    Dissertation Title: Homeownership After the Great Recession: Essays on “Owner-Ready” Families 

    Dr. Zoe Hamstead, May 2016

    Dissertation Title: A spatial-temporal approach for understanding vulnerability and resilience to extreme heat in New York City

    Dr. Ruth Iguiniz-Romero, May 2016

    Dissertation Title: Unpredictable Shifts in Maternal Morality Prevention Policy Agendas, 1990 – 2010: Governance and Civil Society’s Participation in Peru

    Dr. Linda M. Silva Thompson, May 2016

    Dissertation Title: Moving from Rags – to – Riches: Together or Alone? Underground Cooperative Savings: An Ethnography of Workplace Rotating Savings & Credit Associations

    Dr. Johanna Taylor, May 2016

    Dissertation Title: Community of Arts, Community of Justice: Understanding the Social and Political Impact of the Arts in Urban Neighborhoods

    Dr. Toni Castro Cosio, May 2016

    Dissertation Title: Dealing with Uncertainty: Infrastructures for Resilience in Urban Communities

    Dr. Riham Moustafa Hassan Moustafa, May 2016

    Dissertation Title: Evaluating the Institutional Environment for Entrepreneurship: A Cross-National Study on Arab Countries

    Dr. Erwin Vincent DeLeon, May 2016

    Research Associate, Metropolitan Housing and Community Policy Center, Urban Institute
    Dissertation Title: Gay and Racial/Ethnic Identities, Perceived Discrimination, and Participation in Collective Action

    Dr. Lessie B. Branch, May 2015

    Senior Fellow, DuBois Bunche Center for Public Policy, Medgar Evers College
    Dissertation Title: Paradoxical Ebullience: Discordance between Changing Black Racial Attitudes and Stagnation of Black Economic Progress

    Dr. Livia Yah-Sye Lam, May 2015

    Senior Policy Advisor, Learning Policy Institute, DC
    Dissertation Title: A Case of Racialization and Immigration Policy: Conceptualizing Interest Group Theory

    Dr. Nancy Wai-Ling Lam, May 2015

    Leased Housing Department Chief, New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)
    Dissertation Title: Impacts of Housing Assistance on Economic Self-Sufficiency: Incomes and Earnings among Conventional Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Families in New York City

    Dr. Angela Rachidi, May 2015

    Research Fellow, The Poverty Studies Team at the American Enterprise Institute
    Dissertation Title: State-level Welfare Policy, Job Type, and Long-term Earnings of Unmarried Mothers

    Dr. Megan Gavin, May 2014

    International Development Consultant, Creative Associates International
    Dissertation Title: The Story of Parental Participation in Honduras: Closer to understanding how and why teaching-learning happens

    Dr. Milos Sugovic, May 2014

    Senior Manager, OPEN Risk Management, American Express
    Dissertation Title: Can Soda Tax Framing Affect Consumption of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages?

    Dr. Ryan Buck, May 2014

    Assistant Vice President for International Affairs, Texas State University
    Dissertation Title: The Influences of the Post-9/11 GI Bill on Veteran Educational Attainment and Civic Engagement

    Dr. Philip Plotch, May 2014

    Assistant Professor of Political Science and the Director of the Masters in Public Administration program at Saint Peters University
    Dissertation Title: Why Does It Take More Than 30 Years to Finalize a Transportation Plan and What Are the Lost Opportunities?

    Dr. Charles Swift, May 2014

    Assistant Professor, Behavioral Science Department, Kingsborough Community College, The City University of New York
    Dissertation Title: What Explains Mental Health Utilization Among US-Based Afro-Caribbeans? Implications for Urban Mental Health Policy

    Dr. Jamie Taylor, January 2014

    Research Manager, Cloudburst Consulting Group, Landover Maryland
    Dissertation Title: Housing Assistance for Households Experiencing Homelessness

    Dr. Edward Summers, May 2013

    CEO, Brooklyn Education Innovation Network
    Dissertation Title: The Shifting Politics of Economic Development in the City of Beacon and Poughkeepsie: Implications for Small City Economic Development

    Dr. Rachael A. Petitti, May 2013

    Principal, Executive Healthcare
    Dissertation Title: The Integration of Primary Care in Behavioral Health Outpatient Setting: Identifying Unmet Medical Needs and Improving Access to Care

    Dr. Rahsaan Harris, May 2013

    CEO of the Emma L. Brown Foundation
    Dissertation Title: Are They Really 'Our Kind of People'? Does class or race affinity better describe the philanthropy of the black community?

    Dr. Adriana Gaviria Duque, May 2012

    Executive Director of the Fulbright Program, Bogota, Colombia
    Dissertation Title: Immigrant Micro Entrepreneurship: The Colombian Case in New York and New Jersey

    Dr. Nadia Mian, May 2012

    Part-Time Faculty, NYU
    Dissertation Title: The Redevelopment Activities of Historic Religious Institutions in New York

    Dr. Julia Kohn, May 2012

    National Director of Research for Planned Parenthood Federation of America at NYU Wagner
    Dissertation Title: Loosely Evidence-Based: The Role of Research in U.S. Teen Pregnancy Policy

    Dr. Shoshanah B. D. Goldberg, January 2012

    Assistant Professor, Ohio State University
    Dissertation Title: The Role of Arts and Culture in Modern Cities: Making Art Work in Toronto and New York

    Dr. Marjorie Anne Visser, January 2011

    Assistant Professor of Community and Regional Development in the Department of Human and Community Development at the University of California, Davis
    Dissertation Title: Race, Poverty and State Intervention in the Informal Economy: Evidence from South Africa

    Dr. LaChelle Bailie, May 2010*

    Formerly policy analyst in the Office of Policy and Strategy-Research and Evaluation Unit of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
    Dissertation Title: Refugee Resettlement: The Rule of Ethnic Culture Brokers and Social Networks in Access Services

    Dr. Flona Mincy, May 2009

    Management trainer at the New York City Housing Authority
    Dissertation Title: The Effect of Housing Subsidies on Union Status and Visitation

    Dr. Nicole Oretsky, May 2008

    Assistant Professor of urban studies, Savannah State University
    Dissertation Title: Shelter Injustice and the Endurance of Housing Poverty in South Tucson, Arizona

    Dr. Alys Willman-Navaro, May 2008

    Social development specialist; part of the Conflict, Crime and Violence team for Social Development at the World Bank
    Dissertation Title: What's Money Got To Do With It? The Economics of Risk in Commercial Sex Work in Managua, Nicaragua

    Dr. Alan A. Aja, May 2008

    Associate Professor in the Department of Puerto Rican and Latino studies at Brooklyn College-CUNY
    Dissertation Title: Miami's Dual Stew Pot: Revisiting the Limits of Ethnic Solidarity in the Miami Cuban Enclave and Implications for Public Policy

    Dr. Chijioke Evoh, January 2008

    Sustainable Development, UNDP and ILO
    Dissertation Title: Collaborative Partnerships and the Transformation of Secondary Education through ICTS in South Africa

    Dr. Sookhee Oh, May 2007

    Associate Professor of sociology at the University of Missouri-Kansas City
    Dissertation Title: Immigrant Communities and Ethnic Linkages: Suburban Koreans in the New York-New Jersey Metropolitan Area

    Dr. Frances Martin, May 2007

    Dissertation Title: Stories of Returning Women: Lessons Learned from Deinstitutionalization

    Dr. Anna Bounds, May 2006

    Chancellor’s Lecturer in Sociology, Queens College-CUNY
    Dissertation Title: Network Management in Cultural District Implementation. The Case of Philadelphia's Avenue of the Arts

    Dr. Meg Holden, May 2004

    Associate Professor of urban studies and geography at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, Canada, since 2003
    Dissertation Title: A Pragmatic Test for Sustainability Indicator Projects: The case of social learning in Seattle

    Dr. Richard Hendra, May 2004

    Senior research associate at MDRC
    Dissertation Title: Identifying and Unbundling the Employment Impacts of a Time-limited Welfare Program

    * Deceased