Creative Arts & Health Certificate | Bachelor's Program

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  • Creative Arts Therapy

    The Creative Arts and Health Certificate Program is no longer accepting new applications.

    * This certificate program does not lead to licensure and is not licensure eligible.

    The courses integrate mind-body techniques such as creative visualization, guided imagery, mindfulness, and therapeutic touch with more traditional arts therapy and psycho-educational approaches. Fieldwork opportunities are available in diverse settings. Our distinctive curriculum encourages students to work in multiple artistic modalities while developing general therapeutic insights and skills.

    The certificate is offered for college credit for undergraduate students who wish to incorporate the curriculum into a bachelor's degree program, for example, in psychology or education studies. It can provide an introduction to the profession of creative arts therapy, which requires a graduate degree; the bachelor-level courses would not be acceptable toward a graduate-degree in creative arts therapy. Creative arts therapists integrate arts modalities and creative activities into the practice of psychotherapy in clinical settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, group homes, outpatient psychotherapy clinics, special education, and private practice.

    The practice of psychotherapy in New York is restricted to individuals who are licensed by the State Education Department and registered to practice creative arts therapy, mental health counseling, marriage and family therapy, psychoanalysis, medicine, licensed clinical social work, psychology or registered professional nursing. An individual who practices any restricted professional activity including psychotherapy without authorization may be charged with a felony under the Education Law.

    The HEGIS code for the Certificate in Creative Arts and Health is 5299.00. Permanent records are maintained and transcripts are available for all certificate students.

    Note: The New School certificate is a certificate of completion and not a professional certification or registration. Professional credentials and titles, including Board-certification, are awarded by professional associations to individuals who meet those requirements. A professional certificate does not authorize the practice of any profession in New York.

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