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Areas of Study

  • As a graduate student in Media Studies, you can pursue one or more of the following Areas of Study or work with a faculty advisor to develop your own. These clusters of related courses can help you tailor your graduate program to your academic and career goals and gain the confidence needed to lead creative innovation in your field. Though you are not required to choose an Area of Study to earn your degree, completing one or more can enhance your résumé by communicating expertise to potential employers.

  • Digital Cinema Production

    Courses in this area of study enable students to learn skills involved in film and video production, including producing, screenwriting, directing, advanced editing, cinematography, lighting, sound, and post-production. Drawing on film history, theory, and aesthetics, students gain skills and experience in the creation of new modes of cinematic expression.

    Core Courses

    NMDS 5428Media Practices: Digital Cinema
    NMDS 5028Cinematic Aesthetics
    NMDS 5430Writing and Directing: Script to Screen
    NMDS 5432Digital Filmmaking: Production
    NMDS 5433Digital Filmmaking: Post-Production

    Related Courses

    NMDS 5125Screenwriting: Analysis
    NMDS 5423Creative Screenwriting
    NMDS 5524Directing Documentary
    NMDS 5567Cinematography and Lighting
    NMDS 5523Projects in Digital Editing
    NMDS 5274Aesthetics of Editing
    NMDS 5537Cinematic Place
    NMDS 5206Documentary: Its Art and History
    NMDS 5181Avant-Garde and The Moving Image
    NMDS 5126Cinema and the Modern City
    NMDS 5564Script Analysis / Audience Research
    NMDS 5401Producer's Craft

    Media Analytics

    This area of study enables students to learn the basics of data analytics to understand patterns and changes in media experiences. Students apply these skills to understand new developments in the creative industries: publishing, broadcasting, social media, cinema, and Web. Courses investigate topics in media management, data visualization, and cultural analytics.

    Core Courses

    Track 1: Analyzing data sets for strategic management

    NMDM 5311Market Research and Data Analytics
    NMDM 5321Big Data and the Media

    Track 2: Producing data-driven media content

    NMDS 5444Media Practices: Programming
    NMDS 5517Transforming Data
    NMDS 5571Co-Lab: Media Analytics

    Related Courses

    PGDV 5100Data Visualization and Information Aesthetics
    PGDV 5110Data Structures
    NMDS 5026Designing Methods for Studying Media
    NMDM 5317Business Strategies for Social Media
    NMDM 5319Social Media: Metrics / Consumers
    NMDM 5318Digital Media: Strategy and Implementation
    NMDM 5311Market Research for Media Managers

    Media Archaeology

    Students learn how to investigate the alternative and hidden histories of media forms, technologies, and experiences. Drawing on contemporary media theory and innovative research methods, this focus area enables students to make connections between the development of traditional and new media forms to identify cultural patterns and innovations in media experience and expression.

    Core Courses

    NMDS 5278 From Bookshelves to Big Data
    NMDS 5223 Maps as Media
    NMDS 5247 History, Memory and Media
    NMDS 5106 Mobile Media

    Media History, Criticism, Philosophy

    Students learn how to investigate a range of critical and philosophical issues pertaining to the theory of media, the development of media technologies, and changing patterns of mediated cultural experiences. Drawing on a wide range of research in media aesthetics, genres, and cultures, courses provide students with a strong foundation in a theoretical approach to the study of media in contemporary culture.

    Core Courses

    NMDS 5247History, Memory and Media
    NMDS 5117Gender, Culture and Media
    NMDS 5166Race, Ethnicity, and Class in the Media
    GLIB 5700Thinking Technology
    NMDS 5145Digital Media Theory
    NMDS 5220Death and Media
    NMDS 5253Political Media and Communication
    NMDS 5162Public Opinion: Antisocial Media
    NMDS 5246Digital War: Rhetoric, Risks, and Realities
    NMDS 5282Robots As Media

    Participatory Media and Learning

    Students gain experience in the use of new technologies in the service of informal learning. Courses explore how digital media and network technologies influence the nature of knowledge production, teaching and learning. Participatory media include hands-on use of new technologies for the purpose of storytelling and community engagement.

    Core Courses

    NMDS 5186Art as Social Practice
    NMDS 5100Media Literacy
    NMDS 5568Networked Collaboration
    NMDS 5288Participatory Research and Social Inquiry

    Public Interactives

    This area of study investigates the design and experience of digitally mediated communication with audiences in communal spaces such as museums, theme parks, and urban streets. Building on research in public art, pervasive computing, and the design of interactive experiences, courses enable students to identify the cultural implications of the proliferation of urban screens, interactive advertising, and information kiosks. Students learn skills of producing installations and designing interactive experiences for public audiences.

    Core Courses

    NMDS 5580Public Interactives
    NMDS 5531Projects in Interactive Design
    NMDS 5195Aesthetics of Interactive Design
    NMDS 5106Mobile Media
    NMDS 5517Transforming Data

    Sound Studies

    This area of study enables students to investigate the production and consumption of sound, music, noise, and silence. Students learn skills of audio production and sound design; they can experiment in the creation of radio and podcasting programs. This area also enables students to understand the development and changes in sound cultures throughout history.

    Core Courses

    NMDS 5576Media Practices: Audio Production
    NMDS 5255Sound Studies
    Track 1
    NMDS 5578Sound Design
    NMDS 5591Audio Post-Production
    Track 2
    NMDS 5560Radio Workshop Lab 1
    NMDS 5563Radio Workshop Lab 2

    Related Courses

    NMDS 5534Narratives in Sound
    NMDS 5025Oral History Workshop
    NMDS 5513Experiments in Oral History
    NMDS 5324Music Business in Media
    NMDS 5297Music and Philosophy
    NMDS 5556Projects in Multisensorial Spaces

    Transmedia and Digital Storytelling

    Focusing on the creation of narratives that move across platforms, this area enables students to learn practices of multimedia storytelling. Students can investigate different forms of storytelling such as comics, novels, games, video, films, websites, and architecture. Students learn how to engage audiences as creative collaborators through the use of participatory and social media applications.

    Core Courses

    NMDS 5577Storytelling Across Media
    NMDS 5512Experimental Narratives
    NMDS 5540Documentary Practice and Emerging Media
    NMDS 5556Projects in Multisensorial Spaces
    NMDS 5195Aesthetics of Interactive Design
    NMDS 5106Mobile Media