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Media and Culture

  • The Media and Culture concentration explores theory and practice at the intersection of politics, economics, press and entertainment, public and state policy, and international and domestic cultural conditions. The concentration focuses in particular on the fascinating and complex relationship between media and democracy around the world, with equal consideration to the roles of public and private institutions and their positive and negative influences on the media in both democratic and non-democratic societies. The Media and Culture Concentration equips students with a range of analytical and practical skills through courses on media and democracy, propaganda, and human rights as well as documentary film production, video production and advocacy for NGOs, social media, and photography. Students can also take courses in The New School’s world-renowned School of Media Studies. The concentration provides a broad range of opportunities for research and practice, both through the extraordinary range of non-profit and intergovernmental organizations and major media institutions located in New York City, and through media-focused International Field Program sites in South Africa and Brazil.

  • Faculty

    Carolina Gonzalez

    Carolina Gonzalez is a writer, editor, producer, and scholar whose work connects the arts, media, politics, and cultures of Global South peoples. Her journalism, research, and teaching explore aspects of Latino culture in the United States and the Caribbean.  She has worked as a researcher for the Dominican Studies Institute and as senior producer for Latino USA, an award-winning weekly public radio show. She teaches Culture and Social Movements in the Caribbean and Latin America.

    Glenna Gordon

    Glenna Gordon is an award-winning documentary photographer who works primarily in West Africa. She has been commissioned by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek, Le Monde, and other publications. Gordon's recent projects include work on hostages of ISIS and Al Qaeda, the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, Nigerian weddings, and Liberia after war. She teaches Contemporary Photography of the Developing World.

    Sean Jacobs

    Sean Jacobs works on the relationship between politics, media, and popular culture, including global sport. His focus is the intersection of mass media, globalization, and liberal democracy in postapartheid South Africa, where he was born and grew up under apartheid. He has worked as a political analyst at the Institute for Democracy in Cape Town and directs the International Field Program's South African site. He also founded the website Africa is a Country. Jacobs teaches News Media and Culture in International Affairs; South Africa: History, Politics, Culture; and Global Soccer, Global Politics.

    Omar Karim

    Omar Karim, originally from Pakistan, is an Internet technologist whose work brings together the technical and sociopolitical aspects of contemporary media. Karim is the founder and CEO of @mobdub, an Internet company focused on social news distribution platforms such as smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs, and was formerly chief technology officer at WorldNow. His course Social Media: The Power to Speak Truth explores the architecture of participatory media as well as critical issues such as security, censorship, and net neutrality.

    Tony Karon

    Tony Karon is a New York-based journalist and is currently the senior online executive producer for Al Jazeera America. Previously he worked as a senior editor at TIME magazine, covering international conflicts in the Middle East, Asia, and the Balkans for more than 20 years. He has contributed to The National (Abu Dhabi), Haaretz (Israel), and the Sunday Times (South Africa). Karon is a former anti-apartheid activist and is currently working on a book about nationalism and Jewish identity. He teaches Media and the Middle East and Global Soccer, Global Politics.

    Nina L. Khrushcheva

    Nina L. Khrushcheva works on Russian politics and culture, propaganda, global media, and world politics. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and her articles appear regularly in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and other publications. Her latest book is The Lost Khrushchev: A Journey Into the Gulag of the Russian Mind (2014). Khrushcheva teaches Propaganda and Media, Russia's Democratic Experiment, and Hollywood and the World.

    Peter Lucas

    Peter Lucas, a 2012 Guggenheim Fellow, works on issues of human rights, with an emphasis on participatory media, documentary practice, photography, human rights education, and youth media. In addition to directing the International Field Program in Brazil, Lucas teaches Human Rights and Media, News Media and Culture in International Affairs, Poetics of Witnessing, and Global Youth Media.

    Nerina Penzhorn

    Nerina Penzhorn is a filmmaker and video producer. She has produced and edited segments for Current TV, PBS, UNICEF, and Brooklyn Independent Media, as well as various nonprofit organizations. Her documentary films have played at numerous international film festivals, and her first documentary feature, Waited For, is distributed by Wolfe Video. She teaches Producing Short-Form Documentaries and Video Production for Advocacy and Non-Profit Organizations.