Special services for students as recovery continues

David E. Van Zandt, President

November 2, 2012

Good afternoon.

The sun is out in New York City and everywhere I look, I see signs of a city putting itself back together. Still, many in the region, including some in our own community, are still suffering from the consequences of the hurricane. Even in the face of their own struggles, countless New Schoolers have written to me asking how they can help.

As of noon today, our plan remains to resume our normal class schedule on Monday morning, November 5 at 8 am with all offices open and public programs continuing as scheduled. Literally every member of our dedicated facilities team is on call to report to work the moment power is restored, though our buildings require between 8 and 16 hours before all systems are fully operational. A definitive announcement about our opening schedule will go out over the New School Alerts system sometime Saturday afternoon.

Until then, students needing services have a number of options. Arnhold Hall at 55 West 13th Street will remain open until power returns. As the center of activity in a deserted neighborhood, Arnhold is a place for students to work, get to know one another, and to have something to eat. Students are welcome to sleep there if they do not wish to or cannot return to their residences.

We have also opened the Mannes building at 150 West 85th Street and the David Schwartz Fashion Center at 560 Seventh Avenue for all of our students to use as study and rehearsal space. Both of these buildings are available for New School students with ID from 9 am through 6 pm today through Sunday. Unfortunately these buildings must close at 6 and so they cannot accommodate overnight stays.

I know that many are concerned about the disruption to our academic programs. The deans have been in discussion with Provost Tim Marshall and others, and we want to assure everyone that we will be flexible in terms of deadlines and assignments. Updates about making up missed classes, extended registration deadlines, and answers to many other questions will be posted here on Saturday afternoon. Please continue to monitor that page, and our Facebook and Twitter feeds, for that information as it develops.

You have all demonstrated extraordinary patience during this recovery, and it is my pleasure to be a part of this community.

With gratitude,

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