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    Shannon Mattern

    Associate Professor of Media Studies

    Office Location:

    79 Fifth Avenue


    Shannon Mattern is an Associate Professor of Media Studies at The New School. Her writing and teaching focus on archives, libraries, and other media spaces; media infrastructures; spatial epistemologies; and mediated sensation and exhibition. She is the author of The New Downtown Library: Designing with CommunitiesDeep Mapping the Media City, and Code and Clay, Data and Dirt: Five Thousand Years of Urban Media (forthcoming), all published by University of Minnesota Press. In addition to writing dozens of articles and book chapters, she also contributes a regular long-form column about urban data and mediated infrastructures to Places, a journal focusing on architecture, urbanism, and landscape, and she sometimes collaborates on public design and interactive projects and exhibitions. You can find her at



    Recent Publications:

    RECENT SAMPLE: Code and Clay, Data and Dirt: Five Thousand Years of Urban Media (University of Minnesota Press, forthcoming November 2017); “A City Is Not a Computer,” Places Journal (February 2017); “Before BILLY: A Brief History of the Shelf,” Harvard Design Magazine 43 (Fall/Winter 2016); “Of Mud, Media, and the Metropolis: Aggregating Histories of Writing and Urbanization,” Cultural Politics 12:3 special issue on Geological Media, edited by Jussi Parikka (November 2016): 310-31; “Public In/Formation,” Places Journal (November 2016); “Animated Aberrations, Rebellious Objects: Zoe Beloff’s The Infernal Dream of Mutt and Jeff,” Volume 49 (September 2016); “Cloud and Field,” Places Journal (August 2016); “Instrumental City,” Places Journal (April 2016); “Indexing the World of Tomorrow,” Places Journal (February 2016); “Middlewhere: The Landscape of Library Logistics,” Urban Omnibus (June 2015); “Mission Control: A History of the Urban Dashboard,” Places Journal (March 2015); “Media Archaeology of Poetry and Sound: A Conversation with Shannon Mattern,” with Christine Mitchell, Amodern 4, “The Poetry Series” Issue (March 2015); “Speculative Archaeology,” Places Journal (December 12, 2014); Deep Mapping the Media City (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2015); The New Downtown Library: Designing with Communities (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2007).

    Research Interests:

    archives, media architectures, media infrastructures, mediated sensation, maps, materiality, urban data, urban intelligence

    Awards And Honors:

    RECENT SAMPLE: Innovations in Education Grant (for the development of an “urban intelligence” test kit for my new “Urban Intelligence” graduate studio), Provost’s Office, The New School, $10,000, 2017; Senior Fellowship, Internationales Kolleg für Kulturtechnikforschung und Medienphilosophie, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany, Spring 2016; Invited Lecturer/Curator, Critical Dialogues, Media Design Practices Program ArtCenter College of Design, October – December 2015; Visiting Scholarship, Digital Cultures Research Lab, Leuphana University, Lüneburg, Germany, June – July 2015; Faculty Fellow, Graduate Institute for Design, Ethnography and Social Thought, The New School, 2014 – 15


    Current Courses:

    Independent Study (Open Campus)

    Designing Methods for Media

    Maps as Media

    Data, Archives, Infrastructure

    Urban Intelligence

    Independent Study (Open Campus)

    Thesis Proposal (Open Campus)

    Thesis Tutorial (Open Campus)

    Maps as Media

    Urban Intelligence