Information Technology

On the evening of Friday, May 31, 2013, Information Technology migrated the current University voicemail system to a Cisco system as part of the a new Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone system that will be deployed in the University Center.

If you currently have a University voicemail account or if you are responsible for a departmental voicemail account please review the following important information:

Record your new greeting(s).

Your old voicemail greeting(s) were not transferred to the new system during the migration. If you have not done so already, take the time now to record your greeting, and also make sure to do this for any departmental accounts for which you are responsible. View Instructions

Special Note: Some departmental extensions are accessible via direct transfer from the automated phone attendant (Example: From the main New School number, 212.229.5600, “For Administration, press 5; for Human Resources, press 2”, etc.). Please be sure to set up and record greetings for any departmental voicemail accounts you oversee, in addition to your personal voicemail account. Otherwise, callers transferred to you by the automated attendant will hear the generic system greeting.

Review and make note of your saved messages.

Messages saved in your old voicemail account were not transferred to the new voicemail system. However, you can review your old messages in the old system by calling extension 7799. This temporary extension will remain available until October 1, 2013. Following its expiration, any messages remaining on the old voicemail system may not be retrieved.

Help Resources 

  • A Cisco Unity Voicemail Use Guide is available for reference, including setup information and basic uses of the new voicemail system.
  • Common questions about the new voicemail system and the migration are answered in the Voicemail Migration FAQ.
  • Invalid Entries: In the event that an extension was not successfully migrated to the new system, you will receive an 'invalid entry' message. If received, the following solutions apply to instances of 'invalid entry.'
    • Personal Extensions: If you receive an 'invalid entry' message when accessing your personal voicemail, please follow these troubleshooting steps. View Instructions.
    • Departmental Extensions: If you receive an 'invalid entry' message for a departmental voicemail extension, please submit a Service Order Request Form.
  • Further troubleshooting guidance may be provided by emailing
  • Advanced technical issues related to this migration may be submitted via the Service Order Request Form.